Airport Infrastructure

We all know that regardless of the size of the lavish on infrastructure and decorated many, airports are spaces or stations for travelers who will make use of air transport to move from one place to another. From these, takes place the transport of goods or other shipments by air. According to the volume of demand of users they can be large and quite complex. Its functions have two clearly defined spaces: side air, where carried out all the operations aimed at aircraft, tracks of landing, which may be paved or not according to the priority that has this for the town or country, maintenance hangars, parking and other platforms… The so-called land side, includes, terminals, lobbies of departure and arrival, dependencies of migration to passport control, boarding rooms, the huge halls which are located different airlines for the sale and its users chequing, zones sales establishments of souvenirs, cafes and great restaurants, spaces for communications and computing, banking or exchange of currencies, others for leisure, in the end. Then from these basic references we let ourselves give you some recommendations that may help you to feel good in these places, which is well worth called them small and sometimes complex cities of transit. Prior to the trip – the first thing is that, once decided the destination of your dreams, your favorite travel agency, reaches you your tickets or air tickets which are sometimes already electronic, with the anticipation of the case and can also give you a clear explanation about the airports for which you will have to pass if you don’t know them and like if you had to make flight connections. -We recommend not to take things in hand, otherwise you will have difficulties to use hands easily and to move around. -It seeks to obtain a guide of the airport in the existing booths, even better if previously accessing information over the internet.

The Rankings

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The Flamenco

As a result of that convergence of diverse social circumstances in the flamenco thing, three great groups will be able to be distinguished of you sing based on the social sector in which they are born: you sing flamenco-popular, you sing flamenco-gypsys and you sing miners. First (fandangos, Malagan, grananas, serranas ) they will present/display a noticeable localista character, always turning about the social customs and traditional subjects; more purely gypsy (tons, siguiriyas, tangos, soleares and buleras), on the other hand, they will be identified with the social marginality and its thematic, most intimist one, will treat the passion, the pain, the death ; finally, you sing miners (Taranto, tarantas, cartageneras, miners ), more delayed, will not only turn on the subject of the mine, being its protagonist the individual subject in its human experience, but the social and economic subject like referring of its labor or proletarian experience. You sing in them more typically payos as soon as will appear the subject of the marginality and the subotherness, but they will conserve spirit festive, erotic and pcaro, localista and conventional of popular Andalusian, while it will make reference to the own works of the field and to the world and things that are in their surroundings () and to the works of the sea, as well as to the small offices traveling, wagon, esquilaperros salesmen Abundarn in them the terms that allude to the described uses: fig tree, vine, oxen, plow, ship, are annoying, guard, metal, set, hammer, flowers In you sing gypsys, however, against the own security and social integration of flamenco payo, if that will occur those marginal elements that will characterize to gypsy otredad. the experiences of gypsys persecuted and jailed by justice is spilled, in flamenco, the romances and tons romanceadas, and its variants, carceleras, drop hammers, deblas.

English Hydrocarbons

More, is that underlying our purposes of the american way of life, and its English and Parisian precedents?: that their cultural artifacts, insumian hydrocarbons, for its manufacture, operation or repair. The relative availability of hydrocarbons, the first mineral coal and coal gas; then oil and petroleum gas, were able to do that the public in general, soslayara its importance, which was never underestimated by Governments or by large economic interests. The intense growth of the american way of life, involved the consequential increases in the demand for energy resources. Therefore, just began to insinuate, limitations of production or supply of hydrocarbons liquid and gaseous, they began to insinuate substitutes or complements such as hydropower and nuclear power. Over time both sources would begin to be questioned by their potential harmful effects, particularly nuclear.

More encompassing in a single package, ductile by others to the technological additions to the american way of life, it was setting aside either traumatically, or gradually, all culture pre-existing solve the quotidianity of ordinary people. The preceding paragraph, may seem like a truism, but is of relevance to the inescapable begin to live almost without hydrocarbons challenge. In the present development principles, we alluded to the denunciation of a triple energy crisis. ecological and food, documented by the letter of Macchu Pichu, back in 1977. In the days that run when the issue of global climate change, wins the headlines in the mass media and governmental and academic agendas, it is clear that the three dimensions are indesglosables. The intense consumption of hydrocarbons, generates volumes of carbon dioxide, which naturally can not be absorbed. This generates alterations in climate-threatening not only productive schemes, but the possibility of life on the planet.

Thus, without anesthesia. This is not a novelty, because there were many voices pioneers. Some taken the chacota as the hippie movement in the 1960s California, perhaps neutralized by the course of the cold war developing.

The Human Aura

HUMAN AURA by Jose Luis Gimenez since ancient times, man has asked that was because certain corporeal luminescence which could be observed in certain characters of great importance, especially in those considered of divine origin. Thus already in ancient Egypt, we could see how certain figures of goddesses or gods, they were represented with a kind of aura in the upper part of the head, this would be the case of the goddess Sekmek. This quality was keeping with the passage of time, and in all known cultures, we can observe as this phenomenon continues representing the different engravings and paintings, where certain religious and spiritual figures, as Buddha, Muhammad, Moses and especially Jesus, for example, are represented with a brilliant halo of light surrounding the head. But why this phenomenon occurs?, what is the aura? The aura always has been a subject of controversy and debate, that the scholars have not reached to never agree in its composition nor in the source of its origin, that has motivated disparate opinions, although is generally accepted the existence of the phenomenon, which has been the subject of exhaustive studies by the scientific community, in order to find the explanation to the display of a phenomenon that seemed reserved for individuals with the ability of clairvoyance, or religious in mystical trance state personages. The force field energy of the human aura, is produced by the different vibrations and frequencies, as emanating from our body through different energy points or Chakras (in Sanskrit means wheel, and your description corresponds with fumes of energies, aimed at controlling the flow and configuration that the mind-body system needs, being such energy composed of a subtle matter(, which is imperceptible to the human eye not experienced), manifests itself through a range of lighting emanations of a frequency of ultraviolet spectrum, so generally, not It is perceptible to human vision, except those people who manifest themselves possess certain Faculty of clairvoyance and that could relate to a certain type of plasticity of such individuals in the crystalline lens of the eye.

Jack Canfield

This process is described as harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction, or you get the things that you think; Your thoughts determine your experience this phrase this related to the beliefs and practices of the new age, which is its most common definition, but also has a development in other esoteric fields such as Hermeticism and Theosophy. Recently, this version of the New Era was popularized by the film the secret in 2006. According to the proponents of its validity, the law of attraction has been present for thousands of years, but their knowledge has been restricted to groups of selected people who used it for personal gain and control over others. Recently this has changed thanks to the proliferation of information through Internet and movies like the secret, which is the issue with mentors such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. The more materialistic interpretations of the law of attraction have been criticized by the scientific community, which is against the deliberate use of the term science law, and by some of the proponents of the new age movement and spirituality in general us adds in this respect, to consider, for the law of attraction there is no good nor evil. The only universe reflects your state of mind and manifest your desires.

We illustrate this with an example: two people are in a traffic jam caused by an accident and take half an hour waiting for the road is cleared. The first is cranky, complain the Government, how will the country, how bad people, leading of it lasts and unfair is life by allow accidents is emitting a signal of discomfort to the universe. And that is precisely what will return. The second decides to rest a little, puts on a beautiful relaxing music and decides to take advantage of those moments of pause that the universe seeks him.

Superior Court

Professionals who graduate from right of the Peruvian universities are increasingly more, it is for this reason that I am calling upon all new young candidates at various universities who think very well things, do not choose the race because they believe that they are profitable, but choose your career by his passion. that is why waltwer pachas moore legal professional, in the areas of civil, procedural civil law, corporate law and hydrocarbons, with vast experience in different occupational levels of the profession, with greater dedication in recent years in the field of law of hydrocarbons (oil and Natural Gas), lawyer specialist in negotiation and dispute resolution environmental partner. With proven experience in negotiation and purchase sale of surface properties and legal and physical curing them, for the development of hydrocarbon operations. Also Legal specialist for 05 years of civil courts and commercial of the Superior Court of Lima knowledge and practice channeled into the corporate legislation in force, as it is the elaboration and formalization in all sorts of societies and private contracts in civil, commercial and oil company (sale of immovable and movable, work exploitation, exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, servitudes, contracts of joint venture). Original author and source of the article

A Book For Lawyers

A book for lawyers lawyers read and learn the lawyer of the MARCELO BIRMAJER MARCIANO: this essay is an interesting book, especially in some sections that every lawyer must take into account. In this essay I would like to take a tour to this book, giving me the freedom to express some impressions which cause me some sections, some thoughts which I would like to mention with regard to the facts that they narrate, and Lastly, and perhaps what you love me, comment on some of the phrases type aphorism that appear between lines. As you will see the reader, I just want to go so unprepared by the pages of the book, without too much focus on a topic, just as much as fun to exercise my writing and to have fun have also read those and they want to share impressions as would be done in an enjoyable chat mode, the same way can practice the same excercise through different book recommended in uniderecho a page dedicated to deal with legal issues. First of what I want to talk about is the central theme of the book. What the? The lawyer of the Martian theme?. Not yet I determined clearly what has been the main intention of the author: If you make a reflection about the Supreme value which means the human soul as faculty to distinguish the good from the bad and that makes us a few mysterious beings by nature; or whether it is rather a reflection on the struggle that involves the independence and his own conquest in the stage of life in which finally I decided or we have to assume our own existence. I think that in this book the legal question of the lawyer goes into the background, you can take from your words, but is not what most author explodes between its lines.


Be lawyer is perhaps one of those professions most wanted and dreamed for many children, coincidentally, that arrogance and that know it all, combined with a certain thread of esotericism and even galloping cockiness, it exerts a brutal attraction to young people, who see in this job, very respectable indeed, the qualities that they would like to have in the future. Therefore, not only the children of lawyers become so, but that many other social strata that have so far not imagine had been aimed at reaching being lawyers thing is getting that effect in cultural diversity is something very positive to take into account, and that greatly improves the future of many of these lawyers, who can defend easily their communities, not being always are the most opulent or which have the best defence, but if more basic and elementary problems. Even so, many can be found with the so-called judicial independence that affects everyone equally, and that is undoubtedly another reason to take into account to achieve the effects of us eager to speaking, this is for them, but in a way in which we should re-formular our ways of being and conceiving the world, for this, we will have to work harder and better..

Market Abilities

To all this it is necessary to add and to remember, that in order to develop the managemental work of suitably and managing to exert the basic responsibilities; a manager must own abilities and human techniques as as much conceptual, as well as of behavior, implementation of strategies, action, plans and abilities of evaluation that allows him to make decisions in the situations that they deserve therefore it. Within the field of the Management of Market, speech of technical abilities, when the manager knows the methods and means for the execution specific tasks, this becomes jumbled a specialized knowledge and analytical capacity; for example: to know that sector of the population wishes and to direct the launching of a product or to provide a service, to traverse of the investigation of markets. As far as human abilities reference to the capacity becomes to work in equipment, if he is cooperative, communicative, delegates functions, practitioner, objective for the decision making, where this involving the comradeship or friendship and the skill of not letting is controlled be manipulated by the external elements to the organization, like for example: the economic, political, social situation of the country, taking the social responsibility like important aspect for the development of surroundings in harmony. Also it makes reference to the conceptual ability, that is to say, to the capacity to perceive to the organization like a whole, this allows to act based on the objectives of the same like a totality, that is to say the fulfillment of the vision, mission of the company and not solely based on the goals of the work party; considering the financial situation of the company as far as the indebtedness capacity that this one owns, thus not to fall in lost at the time of elaborating a project of investment in the market..