Chavez: Do Boves In The 21st Century?

Chavez: Do Boves in the 21st century? By Luis Manuel Aguana well they say that the peoples who do not learn from their historical mistakes are irretrievably doomed to repeat them. Darcy Stacom follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Never as now, the Venezuelan in his desire to search for a way out this crisis which threatens to destroy us all, innocent and guilty, still considered viable as an alternative which still the President of the Republic, of a socialist State, for us presents Communist, as the solution to our problems of development. But, for ignorance of many Venezuelans of this time, Venezuela before went through a similar crisis, which while retaining the historical distances, swept the country in a real way, has similarities in terms of the way in which was interpreted by later generations. And that the case that I present on this occasion, from the pen of Leoncio Martinez, better known as Leo, in the early 20th century. I’ll leave that I read at the editorial titled the meaning of popular masses 1, who wrote in the weekly Fantoches date 26 September 1936, so illustrious in their own words: someone said that people are like children who don’t know what they want, and this has been another statement used to verify the theory that now are interested in some; but this assertion it happens something as preposterous as with the previously exposed. It can be that people don’t know what they want, but they do know their needs, and when there is someone capable of translating into words that popular sentiment, someone who compose and relate these needs, town accompanies him decidedly, as he accompanied Boves first and Bolivar later. We do not mean by this that the ideal of Boves is as important as the liberator, since we well know that the bloodthirsty Spanish was simply a professional of war and of the assault, while the plan of Simon Bolivar was all a people strong and free and invincible construction; But yes we want to demonstrate that the popular mass always chased their heartfelt demands success, already following to a barbarian as a genius. .