Cuisine Lanzarote

The cuisine of Lanzarote is common to other Canary Islands. A mix between the contributions of their Aboriginal influences Spanish and South American make this island to present delicious and interesting dishes to all those wishing to make a trip to Lanzarote. As good island its culinary offer in fish and seafood is remarkably, for example the octopus salad or the sancocho. You can also try the wines from fish, the jareas or the tollos on your trip. The meats that most culinary experts recommend is the goat, kid, called baifo in the Canary Islands, is the protagonist of succulent dishes and traditional at Christmas. Also noteworthy are the goat cheese which you can get both from industrial producers such as made using traditional methods by skilled inhabitants of Lanzarote.

Also prepare good recipes with the rabbit. To accompany both marine dishes and meats of beef do not forget to ask for wines of Lanzarote, which have denominacion de Origen and are delicious to taste a good first meal or drink with a few Tapas. You have to try the wine of malvasia, which is a type of grape characteristic of the island. By the warm and tropical climate, it has a wide range of fruits and vegetables, as well as production of Virgin olive oil. Corn, sweet potato, onion, potatoes, squash or lentils or are some. It does not escape your recipe the traditional Canarian Gofio, which is done with corn and wheat, and is protagonist and companion of many recipes. In this section we recommend that on your trip to Lanzarote not leave without trying the potatoes that accompanied with its traditional mojo serves to woo any dish. Input, you can taste a good stew. For dessert or simply to enjoy a sweet at any time of the day, you can try the trout, which are a few dumplings that are filled with some sweet for example of hair of angel or sweet potato. This succulent mash adds bienmesabe or frangollo, dessert typical of Canary Islands.