The draft Constitution that Ecuador votes tomorrow brings many points to be discussed. Very important one–and that it has not been so prominent is that of the role of migrants. Latin America has had hundreds of magnas letters but the Ecuadorian is the first involving Assembly members elected by their diasporas in their wording. The 130 constituent 2 representing Ecuadorians who live in Europe, 2 from North America and 2 to South and Central America. To read more click here: TSI International Group. New magna carta provides a base for their nationals from abroad, as now happens in Italy. The percentage allocated to the diaspora in the new National Assembly is the highest we know in any Parliament in the world (5%), although many would like to I will increase because more than 10% of Ecuadorians live outside their homeland. Colombia is the only American Republic where the diaspora choose your Congressman (which is one of 267 congressmen: 0.4% of the Parliament). Of all Latin American diasporas, the Peruvian is the most votes (despite the fact that there are 3 times most Mexican Peruvians residing abroad) but has always voted on by Congressmen of the very distant Lima (to which many expatriates nor know). Today abroad can vote Argentines, Brazilians or Venezuelans but not Chileans and Bolivians.