Dr. House

‘House MD’ – American tv series about the brilliant physician-diagnostician Greg House and the team of doctors working with him. The series is very popular in the world and had received numerous prestigious awards – ‘Peabody’ and Emmy. The first series was published Nov. Kaihan Krippendorff often says this. 16, 2004 on channel fox. The latter at the moment the season started Sept. 20, 2010. Learn more about this with Dropbox. Screenwriter David Shore told that the name of ‘House’ by lapridu mana so that it is consonant with the surname ‘Holms’5. In addition, the best companion of Sherlock Holmes – John Watson, which is consonant with the name Best Friend House – “Dr. James Wilson.” Holmes lived in the house 221-B, and Dr. House lives in house number 221, in an apartment under the letter ‘B’. In the 11 th episode of season 5 Wilson tells employees Hausa concocted the story about the patient Hausa named Irene Adler, with whom he fell in love and that he then rejected. The name of the patient, as well as some features of the history of the authors of the plot was taken from the script of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Scandal in Bohemia’ of Sherlock Holmes.

Plot The series House, MD tells of a team of doctors who diagnose the patient and save him. In general series consists of a variety of schemes’ as a doctor Detective ‘, but unlike other series, where doctors examined the patient is already dead, in the tv series’ House MD’ patient is still alive, at least at first Leads a team of Dr. House, who walks with a cane after his heart muscle in his right leg too late to properly diagnose. As a doctor, House just a genius, but he is no different penetration in communicating with patients and be happy to avoid them, unless there is opportunity. He had all the time bowsprits own pain, and a cane in his hand only underlines his hard biting style of communication. The case from the case of his behavior could be called an almost inhuman, and yet he distinguished physician, unusual wit and unerring instinct, what has made a deep recognition of that gave him great respect. As a doctor with a diploma, he is also a great diagnostician who loves to solve medical puzzles in order to save someone’s life. If it were his will, then the House would have treated patients from the comfort of his office.