Golf Destination

The potential of Bulgaria as a golf destination was not unnoticed by investors – over the past few years on the project of world famous golfer Ian Vusnama and Gary Player were built four golf courses are world class. Two of them are based in the town of Balchik, and two – Bansko. Along with the existing golf clubs, under construction or in design are more about 10ti serieznyh projects in the course. Recently Drew Houston sought to clarify these questions. Real Estate, located near the golf course, justified classified as a separate kadegoriyu – golf and is considered an attractive and extremely profitable investment, attracting the growing number of customers. The golf industry, which is the object of serious investment and development in Bulgaria, much is expected. The incredible development of golf as a sport, and tourism category, creates the need for new buildings and bases, which is a very profitable investment.

Winter Resorts In sea resorts in Bulgaria is getting more and more popular its mountainous regions – according to experts, investing in facilities located there are very favorable. Undoubtedly, the vast popular ski resort of Bansko, which for 10 years from a small village into one of the top winter resorts in Europe. Thanks to the super modern facilities and high-quality hotels and complexes, the resort of Bansko has the right to accompaniment to a stage in the European championship in skiing. Pamporovo – is another place that has become a world-class ski resort. Its unique location – only 80 km from the Mediterranean beaches of Greece, and at the same time, 2,000 m above sea level, attracts fans magniticheski gornlyzhnogo sports from all over Europe and made him a favorite place for winter recreation.