Honeymoon Destinations Travel To Rome

The fascinating history of Rome and the beauty of the old city, attracts thousands of newly married each season that are able to do a lot of fun, romantic and cultural activities in the city. During the honeymoon you can enjoy Rome without doubt, offering more than ruins and museums. The delicious cuisine and the exhibition halls of design, together with the spectacular churches and colorful nightlife, make Rome one of the best places to honeymoon or at least spend a week in this romantic city will be the best gift for you and your spouse, advised previously by a travel guide. Ancient sites: the Colosseum is famous worldwide, occupies a place in the seven wonders of the world, and is the maximum attraction in Italy. They should not make a guided visit to the monument in order to listen to the most exciting stories of gladiators and ancient battles.

The Roman Forum, is another required destinations showing the remains of the former Centre of the old city, the ruins of the temples, and churches. Vatican City: this place is the center of Catholicism, and is the home of the Pope. You have to spend at least a full day to explore the Vatican museums and St. Peter’s Basilica and this is without a doubt a must-see in Rome. Where to eat in Rome: there is no doubt that the newlyweds will have a fantastic time in Rome, with various offers of romantic dinner with candles, music of opera, bustling trattorias; Moreover, meals can be enjoyed in luxurious cafes and outdoor restaurants, if they opt for the latter option, maybe can see street artists dance, is recommendable to visit the Piazza Navona, which is the privileged place of ancient Rome. Shopping: The city is full of countless shops which mainly are true treasures of clothes, shoes, household items and souvenirs.

You can also visit Italian such as Gucci, Fendi and Prada designers stores. Travel to Rome, no doubt, will provide a number of options to enjoy, learn and relax. Among the many ways in that can arrive to the city is coming by train to Rome, it is a choice uncomplicated and low investment, ideal for a little change the routine of the trip.