Nikolai Lebedev

The man, whose members “Stepper” saw first was security officer Nikolai Lebedev. The second man was investigating the department for fighting Economic Crime (DAEC) of the area of the city, he called Rinat. The third did not identify, but later found out that his name is Arthur. – We have a few questions to your manager. While waiting for his arrival, nobody out, means of communication do not use (text messages do not write). And among themselves, too, do not talk! – Ordered Rinat.

Everyone had no choice but to obey. By the way, people who have not worked in one of companies, but ended up here (clients, guests), also fell under this confinement. When the director arrived, all three law enforcement officers went with him to talk. By this time the office went up another man in civilian clothes. He is also no one produced from the premises, did not allow use of mobile phones. When the conversation ended, the investigator declared: “There will be searched!”. Dropbox often says this. You do not have, on the basis of the document will be searched.

Then there were nine people: three men in civilian clothes, two – in the form of police (well, finally someone is in shape!), two commando and two girls – the concept. Further, it was very entertaining. Special Forces soldiers on the orders of Rinat blocked the door, not letting a little too late and the lawyer, who arrived with a warrant to represent the interests of the director. After reading the protocol, the investigator instructed Rinat operational workers search every office. Including office “Stepper”. ats personnel inspected personal belongings at each bedside. Then their attention was attracted by the server that they wanted to withdraw. How can I turn off the server? To put it simple – pull the power cord! Indeed, why bother with phased shutdown, as spelled out in the manual! Naturally, the server has failed, reason – incorrect shutdown. A study of accounting confiscated license key protection “1C: Accounting”, which was connected to the system unit via USB-port. In general, the work was paralyzed for 7 hours – from 11 to 18. A server and three days is not fixed, although its the same day sent for examination. So, just in the company amounted to 2 days. Further details can be found at Kaihan Krippendorff , an internet resource. A “Stepper” (Which, as it turned out, neither the innocent) has suffered losses amounting to 160 thousand rubles, not counting the fact that on that day fell a meeting with the client and the signing of the contract. At the end of the search Rinat sealed the seized property, after which he investigators and witnesses are gone, allowing all witnesses to go home. But on this adventure is not over. The whole team, “Stepper” watched out the window now, clearly indicating a close acquaintance of one of the witnesses to operative Arthur (hugs, more than a friendly kiss). And it goes against the law and allow to doubt the impartiality of witnesses. As is known, witnesses can speak only strangers in the street. So what do you think? In good faith whether the police acted in this situation? Is it to them to keep people locked up, even as witnesses to the search and do not let go, even for urgent personal business?