Rottweiler Dog

A Rottweiler is a dog of great size and black coat, that it has marks of reddish color in the legs and the snout. The Rottweiler is generally compact in their physical constitution, with a robust and fornida structure that reaches up to 27 inches (68.5 cm) of height. Original of Germany and servant to be a pasturing dog, the Rottweiler still can be found comfortable around a farm and accompanying the great animal by the herd. eight Watchers. Nowadays, the Rottweilers is used like dogs on watch for the police, as a dog also guides and like dog guardian. The layer of hair of a Rottweiler is of short and smooth texture, and heavy or it is not curled generally. In average, the dogs can arrive even though up to 110 pounds (50 kg), and have a tail that has been cut by the veterinary doctors when being born.

The eyes of a Rottweiler are generally in the form of brown almond and. The yellow eyes consider a disqualification in terms of quality standards show the race. Many images of Rottweiler can be observed in entrances of companies and property, trying to give to an impression of monitoring and security. The peros Rottweiler usually own a good balance and long-range resistance, as well as movements when it is executed and trote. Many images of Rottweiler are presented/displayed in documentary and animal programs, in which it is this race of dog in activities that few people are accustomed to asociales, as they are it the game and the diversion. The Rottweiler has a natural instinct to live and to work with the flocks and is for that reason that can be considered like work animal, and to use its size for the control of the animal. The dogs are of temperament, calmed, calm and reserved, generally, and this is what it allows them to be used like therapy animal and to work with the police. So that this is certain, nevertheless, a Rottweiler must suitably be trained.

The qualification process must still begin with the dog being a puppy, and constantly reinforced during the adult age. There are no diseases that are specific of the Rottweiler race, but can be prone to the obesity. excess of weight in a dog can lead to problems of the heart and the sanguineous flow, and the lack of energy and capacity of answer. Like all the dogs of this size, the Rottweiler can experience displasia of hip. In order to try to avoid this problem, it is important as far as possible, to know history clinical and the antecedents the parents of the dog.