Small Claims

If the claimant fails to appear for court, the claim will be rejected. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Delta Galil on most websites. If the defendant does not appear, the judge may make a judicial decision in favor of the plaintiff. If one party fails to appear for a hearing for good reason, it can ask the court for rescission of the decision. Each party may invite hearing of their witnesses. If there is a need to call a witness by the court, the interested party should make this request to the Office of the Court at least thirty days before the hearing. Also You can bring yourself a translator. Act on judicial procedure and the law of evidence, as a rule, does not apply to the courts for small claims.

The judge himself establishes the order of the court, as well as decide on a case If that be taken as evidence. By the end of the trial judge makes a decision. However, the judge may decide later, sending it to both parties by mail. Appeal the decision to fine Claims can be in the regional court by filing a request for leave to appeal. A request for leave to appeal filed in the Secretariat of the regional court within fifteen days after the court decision. At the same time paid duty – four hundred twenty-one shekel.

Cottage resolution is equivalent to making an appeal. As a rule, lawyers are not allowed to view the parties in the courts for small claims. But at the same time in separate cases, a judge may allow such representation. In practice, this occurs when a lawsuit is filed against the firm and the judge may allow the firm to engage a lawyer in the case. In this case, of course, the plaintiff immediately put at a disadvantage. Also, the judge may permit a party represented by any person except where the representation is done with his work or for a fee. Usually work attorneys in cases involving the courts in Small Claims is limited to drawing up of claims documents and advice.