Improving Performance

From this perspective assumes the continuous improvement of the organizations performance and effectiveness of its processes, in both sets of emphasized the importance of the need for training of work teams. The idea of linking human talent and development of high performance teams is based on: talented people who actually promote, develop effective teams based on their performance and productivity for the institution, institutions that focus on a central level of analysis are people as part of the team for the team. If you are not convinced, visit Drew Houston. Therefore, to analyze the people, you can actually indicate the characteristics being sought or that it considers to discover talented people who can enhance our teams within our organizations. Finally, the analysis of the issue is very important to consider what you think Jose Carpio, when it comes to not doubt, that today would recognize the scope, impact, value a talent or knowledge as human capital and this is as well that companies worldwide are including in their financial statements their intellectual capital. Although the factor money is vital and it seems the most important, it is only through people who make decisions on financial and physical resources of a company.

It is the human capital who can multiply the financial resources through their decisions. To compete in a globalized, highly competitive, to profound, accelerated and dynamics require a radical change in beliefs, customs and values of the company, where people must assume different roles and adopt a vision of greater openness and flexibility to change. To achieve this, we should strive to obtain the commitment of human talent, which will only be achieved if there is balance and justice business. The real treasure that can generate sustainable and competitive advantage to the company’s human talent-manager Industrial Engineering, abogado.EGADE (ITESM), UC, University of Chile, Graduate Masters in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and Productivity, Education Ph.D. in Education and Professor Researcher Graduate Area Faces UC. Graduate Program Coordinator quality management and productivity, Faces, Chairs UC International Trade.