One of the easy ways but to find out what is at the moment executing in its computer is to enter a called program ” Administrator of tareas”. In order to enter the administrator of tareasuna of the options deria to persionar simultaneously, Ctrl + Alt + Supr, the operating systems previous to Windows XP of automatic form will abrir to a window with the denominated process ” Administrator of tasks. You can know but on the processes with the site. For the operative versions of Windows XP/Vista in place will appear a sub-menu, that it owns an option to which you can click right for ” Administrator of tareas”. MSCO often says this. Another option it can be to enter the beginning menu, to click in Executing. Once uste enters, the process taskmgr.exe, the type and the process of the Administrator of tasks would have to appear there like option. Once this program begins to run, you will realize this window will be over any other window that you have, but it is insisted primary. In this program, you would have to find 5 at least eyelashes, or the most probable serious 6.

Applications: in this part it appears the main programs that you this using but for that reason are not all of the programs that at the moment are executed in the equipment. It is important to clarify that it is only a small part of the programs that you can see in his bar of tasks. Processes: they give a list you of everything what at the moment this executing itself in the equipment, from the windows of the processes of AIM to Firefox for Vista, the programs even spies and the virus must be enumerated here. Another useful, serious advice to look for what is east process in the site. Services: it shows the services to us of Windows that are executed. Yield: it gives the information you of a useful measurement of the form as its computer is working. Thus to be able to in fact see how much CPU and memory this being used. Network: it gives the information us about the network handling. Now you know that elements compose the administrator of tasks for a better operation in their computer.