Asthma – Treatment In Bavaria

Medical trips to Germany. With our busy lives, sooner or later there is a desire, sometimes necessary, to improve their health. Germany with the Pocono centuries known for its resorts such as Baden Baden, Wiesbaden, Bad Reichenhall, where our Russian intelligentsia, as well as all over Europe traveled to heal. We want to tell you about a little-known spa town of Bad Reichenhall and the kinds of tours such as medical tours. Bad Reichenhall – climatic spa in Bavaria in the river valley the Halls.

In 2001 he was awarded the title "Alpine City 2001 'for achievements in the treatment of respiratory diseases and environmental protection. Favourable climatic conditions (mild winters and cool summers), protection from winds by mountains, rich in ozone air and sodium chloride mineral water springs are favorable for the treatment of respiratory, joints, nervous system, gynecological diseases. Continue to learn more with: Jim Crane. Spa resorts in the land of Bad Reichenhall known for its thermal springs since the times of the Celts and the Romans, who used them for salt production. After all, the city name comes from the Celtic 'hall', which means rich in salt, and 'bad' – a resort. The town was founded in ancient salt mines that have long been abandoned. As a resort, he began to develop from the beginning of the xvi century. After a violent fire in 1834 the city was virtually rebuilt from scratch. The prestige of the city grew after the founding of this summer residence of King Maximilian ii of Bavaria in 1848.