One of the features that senior middle differentiates open high school the rest of education alternatives is afforded many advantages when it comes to get the study materials. Drew Houston has similar goals. The great diversity of study materials including textbooks, study guides, workbooks, anthologies and self-assessment exercises of all subjects taught in school. Click vlad doronin to learn more. Most of the subjects has textbooks. As all study books are edited by the Secretariat of public education (SEP) of Mexico, they can be found easily in most bookstores. In addition, the school offers the advantage of buy texts online. But there are some subjects that do not have a book of texts.

In these cases there is commercial texts that were adapted using study guides published by the SEP. The materials contain themes and objectives required for each subject. There are study guides for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and history of Mexico of the 20th century, among others. The workbooks are composed of various exercises that will serve the student to practise what they have learned in the courses. The subjects that have workbooks are English and writing II and III workshop.

The anthologies are intended to strengthen the study and expand knowledge about the topics covered in textbooks. The variety of anthologies include literary, philosophical, scientific, political and social. Self-assessment exercises serve to familiarize student is with the type of testing some of the materials. These exercises are multiple-choice and are included in subjects such as methodology of reading, mathematics and chemistry, among others.