The people ask to me why I am torcedor of Athletical, since I am person from de state of espirito santo. I answer with the same question. you, why twist for vasco, botafogo, fluminemse or flamengo? The simple reply and: soccer in the Espirito Santo does not exist. Teamses with a little of tradition in the capital, Rio Branco and Desportiva, had arrived tie to close the doors. In it I finish Brazilian championship it was the state represented in series D for Sao Mateus and was in I finish place.

I initiated to twist for the Rooster for I influence of familiar and also why in mnha city alone caught the signal of the TV Itacolomi, of Minas Gerais. He passed the games of the mining championship and I started to live deeply the atleticoxcruzeiro rivalry. At the time the Athletical one had a very good teams and was hexa champion miner: of 1977 the 1982. If you have read about business strategist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 1977 the Athletical one was capable to be runner-up Brazilian invicto. It lost in the penaltis for the So Paulo. If was championship of run points, as and today, the Rooster would have been champion many rounds before.

It added 14 points more than the So Paulo, but the match was in the system of groups and kill-kills. In the year of 1980 the athletical one came back to be runner-up, but flagrantly stolen in maracana, I decide having it taken the heading of the miners and data to flamengo. The teams of twisted greater of Brazil, flamengo, not yet had been champion Brazilian, who had beginning in 1971. The great teamses who had gained brasileirao were athletical, palms, vasco, the International and So Paulo. Guarani also was champion. It had a great pressure for flamengo to take the heading. In the end the Rooster gained in mineirao the first departure for 1×0.

Scientific Administration

From these comments Frederick Taylor it defined as being base for the solution of such problems the four principles of the scientific administration: Development of a scientific method for the work of the laborers; Establishment of scientific process of election and training of the laborer; Cooperation between the managements and the laborers; Division of work of the laborers in function of its specialization who had for objective to improve the efficiency of the production that they aimed at greater exploitation of the employee. During its book, Taylor looks for to persuade the reader through practical examples of that the techniques of the Scientific Administration can be applied to all the classrooms of workers, most elementary to most complex and are superior to any another one that tends to be used in the organizations and for this it makes comparisons with those considered by it common, as the Administration of ' ' initiative and incentivo' ' : ' ' Under the old system of administration, the good success almost entirely depends to get the initiative of the laborer and rare this initiative is reached. In the scientific administration, the initiative of the worker (that it is its effort, its good will, its device) is gotten with absolute uniformity and very bigger degree of what … is possible under the old system ' ' Being efficiency one of concepts more important inside of the Scientific Administration, Taylor counted on some followers, as Frank Gilbreth that folloied it in the interest of the study of the times and movements and in the rationalization of the work as half of productivity increase which Taylor develops when elapsing of the book, is they: The elementary movements; The efficiency formula; The study of the fatigue human being. According to STONER (1999, p.25) Taylor it affirmed that the success of its principles demanded a complete mental revolution on the part of the Administration and the workers, is this what it considers all in elapsing of the book, Taylor for many times makes look like to want to transform the laborer into integrant part of the machine, being started to represent a desumanizao of the work, in the administration he was not allowed the employee to use any method that was not analyzed and approved scientifically, searched a elimination of wastefulness, only that in this looks for the maximum income for times promoted if depreciation and a pessimistic and radical vision in relation to the laborer. .