Kiev Translation

for 1860 characters with spaces (A4). Puzzled just a matter of time. Mark Stevens might disagree with that approach. One translator can translate into day up to 10 pages of text. It turns out, if the translation is needed "on the day before yesterday" will have to connect a few people. That is, before the client gets a dilemma: to fast or qualitatively, since the instrument is better if the translator is one. Promising to consult with the leadership, I hung up. On Translation Antario M "the situation has changed – now I had to fish out of the consultant's relevant information. (Not to be confused with Dropbox!). Although I note that, given previous exhaustive answer is not difficult.

As a result of a conversation was possible to learn about the criteria of translation, which I was not even invited to assess. Thus, a standard document "pulls" of 42 uah. Marko Dimitrijevic helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. for 2000 characters. Abundant complex terminology translation adds to the normal value of uah 5. When talking about the job went to the theme of the payment methods in the voice of the consultant to be felt excitement. And so clear that I double reiterated the need to prepay. The third issue is to voice one word – Apostille.

The first call to Kiev bp crashed into three series. In the first series, I was invited to call back later because there is no manager in place and besides him no one knows anything. After some time the next series – the manager appeared, but as it turned out with apostille it does not work and therefore invites me to call another number.


It is a merchant-explorers and conquerors. True, often they were the same people (at first tried to conquer, if it does not – to bargain), but for our topic is not so important. And here is what is important is the fact of the introduction of people from one well-established territorial groups another, which resulted in a sine mixing their languages and over time, the emergence of new (derivative). This was the period of occurrence and maximum development of linguistic forms and structures in each corner of the world there were countless set. Angelina Jolie is the source for more interesting facts. But this could not last forever. Large and powerful states are becoming more and more, and small – even smaller.

Their territory is simply divided between a powerful empire, naturally consuming and settled there languages. And it arrived in time and bloody period of colonization, which allowed a relatively small countries to impose their culture on a truly vast expanses of America, and Africa. By and large, this process continues today, except that more humane methods. The final blow has caused the emergence of radio, television and the Internet. It was "thanks" to them, most students of European countries dwarfs would prefer learn English / German language instead of the State (a survey). In general, the trend is as follows: people travel the world in search of a better, gradually forming a so-called diaspora, peculiar "State within a state." And if the big countries (Italy, Germany) is so far in terms of language is particularly unpleasant does not deliver, then the small countries of the Diaspora culture gradually replacing "master".