The Leader

The given word is sacred: be faithful to her. 6 Belonging to a group is identified with its organizational culture, aligning its principles. 7 Commitment means loyalty and is for everyone. The union makes the force. 8. Promote a good working environment is a manifestation of loyalty.

9 Speak directly and clearly, do it as they would like as they did with you. 10 Must find and know the permanent virtues of the people with whom we live. In conclusion is very valid when it is said that loyalty is a value that we must develop within us and be aware of what we do and say. It is a match, an obligation that you have with others. It is a commitment of defend what we believe; and in whom we believe, if we are not meeting properly, we were alone. When we are loyal, we were able to bring friendship and any relationship to something serious and deep.

Don’t forget as, points out loyalty means loyalty, frankness, nobility, honesty, sincerity and righteousness. Is it is only fair if he is faithful. It is impossible to think about loyalty without that go together with fidelity. But it is not enough to be faithful to be loyal. It is necessary, moreover, to be frank and sincere with the subject of our loyalty. Then, it is only loyal who, besides being true, is frank and sincere. Serve with loyalty means to also serve frankness, sincerity and honesty. It is to serve the truth ahead. It is not fair if he cheats, if not telling the truth or tell only half-truths or says what the leader like, what they want to hear; If situations and facts hide him regardless of the motivations that have form how this world would be when people are identified and practice loyalty, befits us each practice it and ensure that the behavior in humans is very different to that currently occurs.