The Pieces

Before serving, per approximately 10 minutes, it introduces for the hole opened in the mass, the milk cream mixed the brandy. It serves hot. TURNED CHICKEN IN the MILHO* 1 cut chicken the taste 2 perforated onions 2 hen broth tablets 2 tomatoes without skins and 250 perforated seeds maize flour g 4 perforated teeth of 600 worn out lard garlic 500 ml of water Pepper of the kingdom the taste Salt the taste Heats water it dissolves the broth tablets, reserving. In a wide pan it places the lard with a bit of water and leaves to melt, later fries tempered pieces of chicken with pepper and salt the taste until dourarem (soft), removes and reserves. In the same pan with the remaining portion of the fritura, doure the garlic and the onion, later adds the tomatoes, the pieces of chicken fritos, 1/3 of the reserved broth, lowers the fire and leaves to slowly cook until the meats to be soft, always adding the private broth. When the meats will be soft, mix the maize flour tempering with pepper and salt the taste.

It serves hot. CHICKEN IN the GELATINA* mallet of perforated parsleys 1 spoon (tea) of dry estrago 1 spoon (tea) of parrot in dust 1 chicken of approximately 2000 g 1 stem of salso quoted in fine slices 2 onions cut in rodelas fine 2 carrots cut in rodelas fine 2 white gelatin plates 2 fine stems of garlic por cut in rodelas 200 ml of dry white wine 50 ml of drips Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste In a pan places the chicken with all less the temperos ( gelatin) and covers with water, leaving to cook approximately per 70 minutes, later leaves to cool and only removes the chicken, desossando it and reserving. Xcaras of broth of the boil dissolves the gelatin in 2 and all mixes in the pan of the baking, leading for the coolant the gravy, until he is half creamy, but not made solid. Pirex places half of this cream in one and has led for the coolant to make solid, later removes and places the meats, covering with the remain of the cream, leading for the coolant to make solid again. CHICKEN INDIANO* 1 spoon of tea of coentro in dust 1 natural yoghurt cup 100 g of butter 12 coxinhas of the wings of chickens 16 clean chives 3 spoons (soup) of ralado ginger 4 teeth of garlic beaten 9 fils of chest of chickens red Pepper dries to the taste Salt the taste Juice of 1 lemon Tempers the meats with all the ingredients (less the chives and the butter) in the previous day. Later it alternatingly places in 3 skewers fils, coxinhas and the chives (or the taste) and has always led for the churrasqueira, baking and pincelando the butter, later serves.