The Shock

I weeds that son of one puta! I weeds! I weeds! It repeated, impotent, giving with the closed fist on the table, as if in it if it avenged of the revenges suffered in the phone call. Perceiving that it calmed itself, the sergeant asked who had telephoned and was lvido, in turn, when hearing the lacnica reply: _ the Duck! Without articulating word, they looked at for it that he remained cabisbaixo. As children who wait orders of the father, they did not hit upon that more new of them it almost had the double of the age of that young that it showed to have a maturity above of the common one. In addition, it was the first time that they had contact almost direct with the mysterious personage and of course, for what had made with the other commission agents, did not leave to have a certain parcel of distrust for being dealing with the stranger, what it made with that the respect for the young increased considerably. Had seen they it to defy personally, without imagining that she could be a writing, what she did not imply that it was not hearing the return of the communication. The sergeant perceived that the shock is very violent for the youngster and made signal for the soldiers to sit down, until it reassumed the control of the nerves, what he took one five minutes. Coming back itself, it practised some respiratory ones and it started to speak: _ Desculpem! I find that I exceeded a little, but promise that in uncurling of this in case that, it does not go to happen another time. I feel very, but it is that I was apanhado unprepared! With such words, the policemen had given samples of bigger admiration for it.