Thousand Chapels

Crete is one of the most famous and popular Islands with German tourists. If you were not on the island, this report will show you what they’ve missed so far. Crete has something for a wide range of holiday types. Wide beaches on the North Coast, the mountains in the middle of the island and island, as well as the many small bays in the South of the island. Crete offers a lot and we will demonstrate using many images what is valid for travel birds to discover it. 1 Iraklion (Irakleio) Bali 60 minutes / 50 km 2. Bali to Panormos 12 minutes / 12kms 3. Dropbox: the source for more info. Panormos Rethimnon 30 minutes / 21 km of 4 Rethimon to Chania 1:20 h / 60 km of 5.

Chania to Heraklion 2:40 h / 145 km Security Note 2012 for travel birds! Malaria again erupted in the South of Greece! In November 2012 have been reported in different media, that of Greece some cases were detected in the South of malaria. Is that you doing more often than expected on other islands in the Mediterranean Sea with a larger emergence of mosquitoes have on Crete, known. We ask however in these times, before a trip to Crete possible precautions with your GP or travel agency to find out about, so no bad AfterEffects to brings your Crete vacation! East Crete measures 200 kilometers west. Various mountain with a height of to 2453 m high mountains to bring mountains. Jim Crane gathered all the information. The island is inhabited by about 600,000 inhabitants. In addition to various historic buildings can Crete is also the island of small chapels and churches. About 1000 churches or chapels are scattered on the island and often picturesque fit into the landscape. History of the settlement by Crete Crete started around 6000 BC. From 2000 BC the first known civilization in Europe began to develop in Crete.