Cabinets Coupe

Sliding doors have a number of differences from conventional cabinets because the closet door moves in his own plane. This was accompanied by the emergence of new technologies sliding doors. This system of opening and closing the valves, a large closet advantage, which is to save the living space. Highly qualified employees of our companies engaged in manufacturing-in closets can make a case any size and configuration, with absolutely any functional content. Design and equipment will depend on the preferences of the customer. The customer himself determines the appearance and design of the cabinet (built it wardrobe, hulled or angular), so you can resort to using the designer of the company. This applies not only to the color and texture, but also the artistic decor: paintings, carvings, mirrors, and the like. In the manufacture of custom closets, only high quality components and materials from internationally recognized manufacturers, which is a reliable guarantee for good wear resistance and durability of the valves, which is the basic element of all konstruktsii.Shkaf-coupe is a sound approach to organizing the use of space.

The demand for such furniture is due to several reasons: .Shkafy coupe fitted with sliding valves are well proven in the market of firms that move in their planes. That does not require additional space for opening of such cabinets. . Closets, which were made at your request, harmoniously fit into the interior of your premises. Their installation can be performed in virtually any available for this location.

Available for the price built closets, can be mounted in a corner or a niche. For more specific information, check out Isaac Dabah. . plane sliding sash enclosure visually make more room space. .Prilichnaya capacity cabinet does solve the problem of surplus furniture in the office or home. . Sliding doors are not only used for storage, but for them vmontirovaniya appliances.

Functional Bed

Currently on the market of medical equipment, a large number of new players. Perhaps it was the result of policies pursued by the state of health. But Yesterday’s radio producers, harvesters and ships quickly rebuild its facilities to adequately learn the funds for this project. To put it bluntly: to organize the production of quality products have not at all, as evidenced by, medical furniture, which breaks down the day after delivery. Today we’ll talk about how this huge number of models and manufacturers of beds to choose that a functional bed, which is needed to your patients. For a start we divide all the beds in the bed of imported and domestic products.

With regard to imports of beds, then in this sector than the issue price as Typically, other issues arise. This is the bedding-known European manufacturers, although in fairness, it should be noted that Asian and beds are good quality. With respect to the beds, which produced in our country today, I want to talk separately. So what to look for when choosing a functional bed? The very first thing, of course, is the author (ie, producer). With the manufacturer of licensed rf Ministry of Health the right to production of functional beds, the conformity certificate for the group 94 52 00, the registration certificate is a guarantee that you will get safe, quality product. With regard to structural features and components that are used in functional beds, then you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Wheels – best if the wheels of imported producer with a gray rubber (do not leave marks on floor), preferably with a ball bearing (balls or rollers inside).

At least two wheels with brakes. Better if the wheel ‘TENTE’-leader in the manufacture of wheels for medicine. Attention is drawn to mount the wheels to the chassis – power block should not be bolted to the thin-walled profiles, because tube wall deformed, and the connection loose. 2. Frame – should be made of metal profile coated with polymeric powder paint. If the bed bed has changed in height, the joints must be screwed, and on ball bearings, it would eliminate backlash and scratches when lifting and lowering the bed. Section bed can be closed with plastic, sheet metal or metal mesh. The best option – a perforated plastic. Sheet metal, of course firmly, but in the processing and moisture port (bad dries) mattress cover is destroyed and as a consequence there unpleasant odor. Electric-grid – is well ventilated and processed, but must use polyurethane foam mattress. 3. Drive – depending on material capabilities and technical capabilities premises may be – Electric (better ‘LINAK’ or ‘DEWERT’), hydraulic, screw (it is desirable that the screw had overload protection). Screw should be made of steel and the nut is made of bronze. Just for drives used lockable pneumatic springs or other mechanical drive – comb (rostomaty). 4. Side rails – preferably during the whole bed with a reliable fixation in extreme positions. 5. Mattress – must match the number of beds moving sections, made of polyurethane foam and have removable hygienic cover. If guided by the principles set forth above, then you have a real chance to choose for your medical institution quality functional beds.