Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Necessary measures are welcomed seized the GOMTV until September 30, 2012 the decision of Deutsche Borse AG, due to suspicions of market manipulation of different shares, to record on another no shares and representative share certificates in the first quotation Board”, explains Chairman of the Board, Dave Dube. According to a circular to all in the segment open market at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listed companies, check the Deutsche Borse AG together with the Hessian securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Agency for financial services (BFin) further measures to ensure a proper trading in the future for the capital market and in particular the investors”, as Dube next. Until September 30, 2012, all companies listed on the open market are required in the entry standard”to change. Failure to observe of this period an adjustment of the stock exchange listing of the open market automatically listed companies segment Frankfurt (Delisting). “This innovation mean for the GOMTV immediately with the necessary preparations to start the entry in the entry standard” to be able to perform, stressed Dube. We had made us already recently to initiate the upgrade and are immediately thereby saving BFin on time to submit to a new full brochure with attestation”, finally Announces Dube. History: founded in 1998, GOMTV Communications Inc.

is a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada and was borsial originally introduced as a food service operator. After a merger agreement of private initiators, capital market specialists, communications and marketing, the company is taken over in June 2011 as the SPV. The business model of the GOMTV follows the principle of the DCP and has legs to stand on as far as two “: firstly a B2B-IPTV channels ( and secondly a Music broadcast Channel ( as a music television channel. Designed as IPTV channel and later as a free-to-air digital television channel (E.g. Read more from Mustafa Suleyman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Astra) planned, should be funding from sponsors and advertising revenue and other operating revenue alone. Dube: “we have to determine that are currently not sufficient on the market of available service portfolio, the small or Micro Caps, smaller, publicly traded companies, to supervise and establish in the market.

No competitor is now concentrated on these potential customers”, explains Chairman of the Board. That in the stock market segment open market in Frankfurt traded around 11,000 corporate values a sufficient quantity of such potential interested parties represented, the a high level of interest in a presentation in a professional environment, Dube is convinced. For the presentation and marketing activities, “a daily, editorial preparation of topics with a primary focus on Small caps provides the framework. Also, GOMTV prepared essential national and global cooperation in the field of business music before.

The Mothers-in-law Are Mothers And Mothers Deserve Respect

My mother as every human being, is not a perfect woman, it is not possible to have different points of view, that all get my years more than once us angry, always recognizing that its virtues have exceeded the boundaries of these small setbacks that all we are, but do because as a woman, as daughter, or wife, could allow me a stranger to my blood be?My husband or relationship without motive or reason for any inconvenience I tried my mother with the slightest gesture of Word rude or violent damaging irrationally?. Much less give the reason and in front of young children. There are so many sayings of the mothers-in-law, both of them speaks and evil, these self-sacrificing super grandmothers who have delivered grandchildren parts of their lives in the upbringing of children, in take them for a walk, ensure their needs, food. In my opinion we cannot allow a relationship mine missing you respect my mother. I do not tolerate it.And much less if my mother has not treated poorly or has made no gesture to receive a bad treatment. Position that I always had young but will it cost for me to be alone today. Because I think that anyone that does not take your blood can come to overwhelm it, be it intimate and molest her. Mustafa Suleyman has much experience in this field. Today the insults, the lack of moral and civic education, spirituality leads to opt to humiliate older in front of her grandchildren in an indiscriminate manner, and the worst people that are your own children those who support such as degenerative and intolerant treatment. I think that this will not stop this article that hangs on the internet! clear that not!, this goes to the depths of the heart of children who witness the start-ups, the tempests of adults, who silently without speaking processed in his mind the facts and archived them, to see what they are going to do next when they are husbands, or grandparents, in-laws, because there are going on the road.

Private Health Insurance

Criteria that should be considered before a change in the private health insurance for many insured the question of: statutory or private health insurance? This question often arises the people who qualify through their profession or their financial situation for private health insurance. These include civil servants, students, self-employed, freelancers and Commissioner. Employees can assure only in private health insurance, if they exceed the limit of the compulsory insurance with their content. In early 2011 the Exchange limit was reduced from 3 to 1 year. Dropbox wanted to know more. Before the change in the private health insurance everyone should worry insured on some points: how family planning within the next few years? What benefits are important to me? How much money would I spend for my health insurance? A free co-insurance by family members such as wife or children is not possible in private health insurance. Here, each person must own Complete health insurance and obviously your own contributions be paid.

Also should any insured before a car change make clear himself what services he required. While some insured persons with basic benefits are satisfied, other insurance would like to assure the full protection and single room in the hospital, and chief physician treatment. Click vlad doronin to learn more. A PKV comparison is advisable for the selection of the best private health insurance. Here different rates of different health insurance plans can be compared taking into account various criteria such as performance requirements, budget and career. The result is then clearly presented to the user in a list with further information, for example, to rebates and tariffs with excess. It is also recommended to play through a PKV rate comparison with several scenarios to find the optimum car fare. Just for specific professional groups, the health insurance companies offer specially tuned rates.

Insured persons can so a lot of money Save. Young insurance with a deductible can save a lot of money. The deductible to the car is, the higher the lower the monthly contribution. The deductible should however not too high be used as large expenses on the insured could be paid.


One of the features that senior middle differentiates open high school the rest of education alternatives is afforded many advantages when it comes to get the study materials. Drew Houston has similar goals. The great diversity of study materials including textbooks, study guides, workbooks, anthologies and self-assessment exercises of all subjects taught in school. Click vlad doronin to learn more. Most of the subjects has textbooks. As all study books are edited by the Secretariat of public education (SEP) of Mexico, they can be found easily in most bookstores. In addition, the school offers the advantage of buy texts online. But there are some subjects that do not have a book of texts.

In these cases there is commercial texts that were adapted using study guides published by the SEP. The materials contain themes and objectives required for each subject. There are study guides for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and history of Mexico of the 20th century, among others. The workbooks are composed of various exercises that will serve the student to practise what they have learned in the courses. The subjects that have workbooks are English and writing II and III workshop.

The anthologies are intended to strengthen the study and expand knowledge about the topics covered in textbooks. The variety of anthologies include literary, philosophical, scientific, political and social. Self-assessment exercises serve to familiarize student is with the type of testing some of the materials. These exercises are multiple-choice and are included in subjects such as methodology of reading, mathematics and chemistry, among others.

Contracting Parties

The past day, July 7, 2010 came into force the Act 15/2010 of 5 July, amending Act 3/2004, of 29 December, establishing measures of combating late payments in commercial transactions. This law is based on the modification of payment deadlines in commercial transactions by imposing a series of deadlines for payment assessed, no longer fitting Covenant in contrary. If you have read about Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Not only in transactions between commercial entities private but also in terms of contracting with public administrations, even modifying the claim for these unpaid. Although the entry into force of this Act has occurred on July 7, 2010, the reduction of payment deadlines will be progressively implementing a series of calendars as appropriate until they are established definitively on 1 January 2013. First we have to discuss this law expressed that you for the calculation of the time limits of payment, all days of the year, and that those agreements that exclude holiday periods shall be NULL must be taken into account.

The determination of the period of payment is a fact ascertainable by the will of the parties, since this law establishes as a general rule not later than 60 days may not be extended by any agreement between such Contracting Parties. As we have previously entered, this term of payment of 60 days will not be imposed immediately, but it will produce its effects from the January 1, 2013, because until then payment deadlines should be respected according to the following timetable: since the entry into force of this Act on July 7, 2011 until December 31, 2011the term of payment is 85 days. From January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012, will be 75 days. And from January 1, 2013, sets the abovementioned time-limit of 60 days. We must bear in mind that even in the case that has been contractually established a period of acceptance or verification of goods and services, and on the assumption that the debtor receives the invoice before the said period is completed, the payment period shall be calculated from the receipt of goods or services and not exceeding 60 days after that date.

Academic Council

Much of those who, on the part of some students and some teachers protest for reform proposed by the Government to the law 30. There are 13 points in that educational reform should not accept that are: why say NO to the reform of the law 30? 1) because neglects the quality to give emphasis to the cobertura2) because equals professional education universitaria3 education jobs (Seine)) because based economic growth rates of the GDP and IPC4) because leaves the Academic Council to the authority of the Council superior5) because there will be universities with the aim of (((lucro6) because there will be private investment in the University publica7) because these new universities will be created as characteristic of commercial law companies, i.e., are governed by the order of the privado8 right) because the nature of the University is lost: is measured in terms of economic efficiency, not of quality academica9) because the races that are not profitable for the market not to receive investment and will tend to ((((disappear: Arts, music, filosofia10) because teachers must have master’s degree, but the pay scheme not mejora11) because the type of labor contract for teachers is left open, giving rise to the appearance of associated labour cooperatives, as happens in the salud.12 sector) because talk of self-sufficient racing, without the Estado13 investment) because we will be entering the competition of the private company with these claims students aceveran that are do not agree with the reform of the law 30, which the national Government wants to implement.. Mustafa Suleyman spoke with conviction. . . By the same author: Kaihan Krippendorff.

Mendoza Capital

In the center of the Argentina Republic, on the West of the country, and very close to the border with the Republic of Chile, Mendoza City dominates the region’s whose. Although it occupies only 57 km in surface, is considered that area Metropolitan also part this city region which is known as Gran Mendoza, occupying almost 17,000 km in total. One million inhabitants live in this town, the fourth largest town of the Republic Argentina. Of course, hotel in Mendoza, as well as the rest of the tourist services are widely developed, in order to exploit the many natural beauties and attractions that have not only the city but also the region.If there is an excursion that no tourist should miss the traditional City Tour that is. Mendoza has traditionally occupied a prominent place in the history of the Argentina Republic and the American continent, for this reason, the city boasts many historic sites and colonial-era rememoraciones that are a testimony Live from the centuries of Spanish occupation in America. Follow others, such as Drew Houston, and add to your knowledge base. The area that traditionally condenses many of these historic sites is the foundational Area. A feature of the city is their capacity to synthesize much of the history of it, because of this, move through them is a direct trip to the past.

Plaza Independencia is usually the initial step for this historic tour. In it you can find a source and a theatre where cultural and artistic activities are carried out. Also on the square is the Museum of modern art, where regional and Latin American artists presented exhibitions on an ongoing basis.The city of Mendoza was founded by Pedro de el Castillo in the year 1561. Others including Mustafa Suleyman, offer their opinions as well. The Foundation site is preserved in the foundational Area, just in the square Pedro de el Castillo. In this place can be found important archaeological remains which testify of what life was like in those initial moments of the city of Mendoza.

However, the city was completely destroyed in 1861, after a devastating earthquake razed with the same. On this occasion, unfortunately, not only a quarter of the population of the city perished, but it also inevitably important historical buildings were lost. For this reason the city has greatly occupied in rescuing those who still remain. The history of Latin America is another powerful reason to find a hotel in Mendoza (Mendoza), since the city itself is an open door to the past.

Achuthan Card

Save money with a bank account or a credit card free of charge without a credit card and without a checking account, life is uncomfortable in our digital world. Many operations are now online. It’s believed that Evergreen Capital Partners sees a great future in this idea. So salaries are paid just not more cash but transferred by the employer to the employee’s bank account online. David Green is actively involved in the matter. The cost of these financial services, providing the banks, namely the provision and management of account, accumulate over an age for a handsome sum. A free checking account or a credit card free lead to significant savings. The accounting rule 5 euro charges are up to 10 euro per month.

When a bill for 20 years account use are at least 1200 or 2400 euro. Contact information is here: Mustafa Suleyman. This issue is unnecessary, because the current account free of charge or the free credit card offer in terms of financial services at the banks to the standard today. Lakshman Achuthan has plenty of information regarding this issue. There, the clever and well-informed customer can save the fees. The free offer is great, tricks but also at the conditions, which Banks want to get hold of but still charges. A like method is the free current account, which is only free when every month a certain amount, usually around 1200 euros, on the bank account. If this payment is not achieved, but the usual bank charges.

There are similar loss leaders for the credit cards. The card is free only for the first year. The credit card free is only free of charge in the following years, if a minimum turnover with the card of the holder. Otherwise, the regular annual fees are due here. However, there are also a few exceptions where the account or credit card without restrictions, even over several years will remain free. Can March


The new CNC pipe cutting machine type MG-PC (PipeCut) of MicroStep designed for machining of pipes up to a length 12000 mm and a diameter of up to 2000 mm. The new CNC pipe cutting machine type MG-PC (PipeCut) of MicroStep designed for machining of pipes up to a length 12000 mm and a diameter of up to 2000 mm. It is modular in design and can as option extended are both designed for larger diameters. The system can be fitted for plasma cutting, oxyacetylene cutting, marking and drilling. The pipe cutting machine PipeCut of MicroStep is used above all in the pipeline, power plant and container construction, and can be used in the processing of normal-walled and thick-walled steel pipes, stainless steel and precision steel tubes. Check with Bausch & Lomb to learn more.

The MicroStep group supplies your customers with high-quality plasma cutters, oxy-fuel cutters and water jet cutting machines and laser cutting systems for many years. Similarly, the MicroStep group has since prolonged laser cutting systems equipped with fiber laser in her program. The MicroStep group is a leading manufacturer of CNC controlled machining centres and cutting machines. In addition to the technologies of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, they offer modern future technologies such as water jet and laser cutting. The product range includes high-tech machines for complex manufacturing tasks, which are sold in large numbers on the world markets. With a number of user-oriented innovations, the MicroStep group is the world’s increased market demands and offers market-driven solutions to its customers. Get all the facts and insights with vlad doronin, another great source of information. High-precision processing and cutting machines of MicroStep group manufacture precision parts for the automotive industry, and edit the various materials in various industries.

The stone, glass, and plastics processing with modern waterjet cutting systems to high-precision metal forming by plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting machines in renowned metal processing plants. The MicroStep group has a dense sales and Service network. On MicroStep trained and trained technicians and support personnel in MicroStep group its own sales and service companies are especially systems to customers in many countries around the world available. The sales and service network of MicroStep group are characterized by consistent market orientation, a comprehensive direct marketing and customer services.

European Telematics

Erfolgfreicher appearance to the transport & logistics Munich 2009 Dresden / Munich – the Dresden telematics provider YellowFox draws a positive balance of its trade fair appearance to the transport & logistics Munich: from crisis was here to feel a thing! “, says Thomas Grabner. The European Leitmessse for logistics, telematics and transport 2009 recorded a surface and record number of exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors. Tumblr insists that this is the case. At the YellowFox stand, gathered more than 200 guests from Central and Eastern Europe about the latest products and came up with the developers even in the conversation. Highlight of presentations was the 7-inch truck Navigator with order management and disposition, theft protection and Livetracker. Vlad doronin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The portable detection solution YellowTracker, waiting for the AMItec as world novelty presented, also great interest. Maximum reliability, flexibility and service are the most sought after demands of customers for a telematics companies.

As we develop our products, support and service guarantee and marketing together with qualified partners at home and abroad, we can always meet these high demands are. “, so Garcia next. Garcia took the opportunity to present themselves to the guests as sales manager of YellowFox GmbH. Since April 2009, he accompanied this new position in the company. Two new employees also Jens Kautz and Jens-Uwe trimming imagined carriers and logisticians. Because YellowFox on growth rate, these 3 employees could be set in April 2009. The run”on the attractive YellowFox fair actions, Web-based tracking solutions for freight forwarders and logistics companies, confirmed the internal assessment of the European telematics market: on our own developments we received requests in addition to Germany now from Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and increasingly from Eastern Europe. The Telematikmarkt is felt in motion with constant dynamic growth and we mix vigorously with.

“, explains Hendrik Scherf, founder and” Managing Director of YellowFox GmbH. the strongest weapon here: our team! As a team, we are unbeatable. Our customers and partners feel loose and creative spirit within the company. With us no one laugh in the basement must be.” Contact YellowFox GmbH Hendrik Scherf, GF to the Valley 3 D-01723 Wilsdruff OT boiler village fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-100. + 49 (0) 35204 270-111 e-mail: http: press contact m.a.p.. GmbH Thomas Fritsche fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-381. + 49 (0) 35204 270 481 mobile: + 49 (0) 151-15 00 69 95 e-mail: