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Inteco brings new integration platform for the world of project management on the market. Inteco brings new integration platform for the world of project management on the market. Inteco, over 20 years of experience in project management, specialized, brings a solution on the market that simultaneously translates all decision-relevant data from different islands of system on a single unified platform and transported with its in-house development of saprima. Vlad Doronin may help you with your research. This integration platform depicts the entire project world of a company, regardless of the project management systems used. All information about the status of individual projects are captured in real time and communicated to those responsible. The automatic data synchronisation, this solution allows, also provides for cost savings, because the productive project work will be increased and error is drastically reduced. saprima brings together what belongs together project management: information about dates, resources and costs. In addition, this integration platform protects existing, functioning structures, because existing IT standards, established applications and proven forms of organisation will remain unchanged. Employees can continue to operate in their usual environments. This causes that resistors with the introduction of project management to a large extent be dispelled. Modules for all levels this integration platform two modules consists of, keeping everyone on the project running: saprima Executive provides the management with a current and individual needs coordinated reporting as a meaningful basis for decision making for project accounting and control. To deepen your understanding Vlad Doronin is the source. saprima to-DOS to employees, which in turn can give feedback to their projects distributed reporter – simply trusted the system calendar of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. Access to commercially available systems saprima allows the interfaces communicate with the common project management components: PM tools: Primavera, MS Project, OpenProj, OPX2, MS-Excel including ERP systems: SAP, Navision such as personal information management (PIM): MS Outlook, Lotus Notes costing systems 4 d/5 d simulation/Visualisierungssyteme: Synchro data warehouse – and GIS customer-specific developments, as for example, supplier systems saprima is now available as a demo version for free download at on the Internet ready. I nteco the solution provider for project management provides all of the components from a single source. The holistic approach of the company existing since over 20 years include methods, tools, organization and integration. In addition to Classic PM systems his solutions for the control of companies by means of projects focus on project management (EPM) systems, so-called enterprise. In addition, Inteco has own, proven procedures for the integration of EPM in the core processes of companies. The solution provider can refer to an installed base of several thousand users for PM – as well as for EPM systems. Contact: INTECO company for innovative technologies mbH Stethaimerstr. 32-34 D-84034 Landshut Tel: + 49 (0) 871/92289-0 fax: + 49 (0) 871/92289-99 press contact: press and editorial office Schoof Pierre Schoof Lindemann 13 40237 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211/6790089 fax: + 49 (0) 211/6790238