Heating Pipes

In this article we will talk about a new product on the market for plastic pipe – pipe metallopolipropilena. In our view, today is the best in terms of price-quality selection of pipes for the heating system. What is well this pipe? Firstly, the pipe is universal in terms of fittings. For its installation can … Read moreHeating Pipes

Lawyer Jan Bartholl

The OCU pointed out that it had been officially no declaration of strike and no strike. Avoid Iberia could claims from affected passengers then also not with the argument of force majeure”, or force majeur”. The argument of force majeure by pages of airlines is typical to avoid payments to passengers”, said spokesman of Facua, … Read moreLawyer Jan Bartholl

False Message

Several days ago it has been circulating in the Dominican Republic an email supposedly sent by the Attorney-General’s Office, warning about some alleged decals that they were selling or giving away in schools and colleges in the country, which are supposedly impregnated drug lysergic the acid diethylamide, better known by its acronym in English as … Read moreFalse Message

The Museum

The National Museum of art of Catalonia (MNAC) is located precisely at the National Palace, representative of the International Expo of 1929 headquarters. This museum is characterized especially by its collection of Romanesque art in Catalonia. Isaac Dabah shines more light on the discussion. This is its major attraction. The Museum exhibits a series of … Read moreThe Museum

Practice Rafting

During the summer and spring, rafting in Mendoza is the activity most required by tourists. The special frame makes the particular geography of the province for this sport which has both demanding and adrenalin and beauty. Any person with boldness can go rafting in Mendoza. No matter how much experience you have because the province … Read morePractice Rafting