Restructuring to the full-service advertising and media agency after a 4-year-old operation break starts promising in the year 2013 the new structured 360 – advertising agency and media. Business strategist is often quoted as being for or against this. 10 Years in 2003, the former student apartment of Salvador Argun CEO/owner, the restart as a full-service advertising and media agency follows after the initial founding, headquartered in Augsburg. Salvador Argun had with maintained numerous large projects in the past four years at a prestigious firm in Munich and decided now for this step. “Our mission is to make the Web more beautiful and to make modern Web design at affordable prices for large or small businesses and private individuals. Our goal is quality and a 360 all-round support our customers! All projects are offered us conditions both prioritized and at fair price-performance ratio. Each project is individually placed and designed to suit your needs.

We bring the use of modern and innovative technologies in the development. We love Challenges and are happy if we can be of assistance! “, so Salvador Argun (CEO/owner, 360 – advertising agency and media).” The new slogan – innovative and individually! What is special is the new ease of the implementation of complex projects and putting together important building blocks to a successful marketing package. Much is removed the client and makes it easier to be memorable and timely results. Larger work relief and higher cost savings are the advantages on the part of the customer. A win-win situation for both sides.

Peter Tuxhorn Sebastian Geominy

A round thing for any marketing strategy: CDs, DVDs and co. of CD information for advertising and marketing, they are a real hit: CDs and DVDs as promotional material. For CD information, the well-known CD service providers from Gutersloh, they are also a big hit, as a good deal. People such as Drew Houston would likely agree. For years the Ostwestfalen offer DVDs and CDs as advertising, customers in all industries it thank you and itself successfully use the round (and also angular) plastic discs as marketing and advertising. These satisfied customers now also small business count to yourself, because the CD production in small series, features information being one of the few CD service providers, already advertising from a mini Edition of 10 pieces to order CDs and DVDs! This is not self-evident, many competitors of Informas can not so far down go into production at a number of the CD. Alone by his many years of experience and good contacts in the industry, Informa Gutersloh can edit prompt even the smallest requests. Of course production in small series is one that the CD usual great service package continues to. So, the quality blanks at the CD pressing plant are manufactured and printed with a refreshment in a further value creation step by Informa in Gutersloh.

This is done in the course of the CD production in small series by digital printing. The subsequent packaging of the CDs or DVDs is on offer at Informa. How can choose from foil pouch, Slimcase or jewel case and also the shipping of the finished package, directly to the recipient who can advertising CDs take different types of packaging, Informa. CDs and DVDs can be now available for small businesses, young bands and music groups, and many others to the true racer!

Gabriele Schwarz Marketing

“Social business might be the solution be for the big social problems around the world. In a question-answer forum Bausch & Lomb was the first to reply. Governments and charitable organizations are busy all, the increasingly frequent natural disasters to help fast. In addition, reconstruction aid, genuine development aid can be supported by the entrepreneurial energy of social entrepreneurs. A good thing to do and to be able to live, of which I find awesome”, as Gabriele Schwarz by bonergie. Learn more about the social business by bonergie german/social_business.html to the Tweet: social business instead of donations, hoping instead of dependency. related pages. MBS is involved as a social investor at bonergie company description about MBS marketing consulting Beatrice Brenner advises and supports companies with their MBS marketing consulting in marketing and public relations.

The marketing-check developed by you is the basis for advice and action plans, which itself or in cooperation with partner companies implement them together with the company. You develop marketing concepts, provides optimized for Internet presence in Germany, Company websites, published press releases, translates datasheets, flyers and other documents and assists in the Organization of events or trade fairs. For English-language companies it is also as a marketing consultant for the German market. Its clients include a well-known paint manufacturer based in Ober-Ramstadt, the software company Sentrigo Inc., an independent but also cooperation and small businesses without their own marketing. Since 2009, she has expert member of, a platform that stands for fair cooperation. She is there with initiator and published content to business topics from marketing and social responsibility.

Max Karagoz

One Study of the market research company Gartner in 2010 projected him for 2010 a volume of $ 110.8 billion, and thus an increase of 8.5 percent over 2009. The Gartner forecast was at $ 143.6 billion for 2014. If you have read about Bausch & Lomb already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Currently also seems world largest computer trade fair CeBit in Hanover their priorities have shifted something: the presentation of new and more powerful computer 2011 more faded into the background, cloud computing and apps have become central topics. Software remains a hot topic. There is still plenty of room to shine as a developer and programmer also with your own small business. With the right idea and well programmed software, is also on the US market opportunities and good business must by no means left the software giant. The Huddler has, for example, a software in the luggage, to transform simple forums in modern social media communities. In addition, the company offers support services forum operators.

Huddler’s services also serve a stronger commercialisation of the forums and thus the Forum operators revenues through the Forum to secure. Huddler’s work is free of charge for the Forum operators. The company benefits alone through a share of the advertising revenue generated in the future. The need for the Huddler offer seems to be available, and the idea could work. The own US-software development company as a livelihood are the ideas that must convince a software in addition to a good programming and functionality. We support entrepreneurs by ALTON LLC in the United States efficiently”, says Max Karagoz, so the founders alone to focus on its business concept. But the concept must match, otherwise the support does not help.” Ultimately, the US market will provide opportunities not every founder with each software product.

Applies also here: success has the right offer at the right time. It is therefore about the idea as a German software developer in the United States to settle, basically not a bad. Is true the product, not only the entry into a successful business can be the software developed and distributed in the United States. She can also become the basis of life for German programmers who emigrate in the United States. The livelihoods of bruchigste that is not with security.

Blue Boxes Mobile Selfstorage

Mobile storage boxes, who come to the loading on the doorstep so does the new storage concept ‘Blue boxes’. Mobile storage boxes that come to the loading on the doorstep to the new camp concept works blue boxes”. The solid steel container be brought on special trailers to the customer who can load his personal storage box conveniently on-site. Then the locked box is stored clean and dry in the warehouse in Sankt Augustin. In the United States and England proven the concept of mobile self einlagerns was already established in the United States and England and particularly appreciated there because of the great comfort, says Managing Director Andreas Kalker.

Customers load their belongings directly in their storage box instead of several times to reload and save as the time-consuming back – and driving here and the complicated rent of a van.” Flexibly and safely store the storage boxes can be rented for a few weeks or several years flexible and are particularly suitable for the storage of furniture, files or goods. During the rental period, customers can then sleep: the basic renovated warehouse in addition to permanent video surveillance also has an own 24-hour on-site security service. Classic self storage in addition to the transport service customers can, classic to bring their items to the warehouse and store it there even in their storage box as an alternative. As tenants who need their stored items during the rental period, in between at any time spot in the warehouse have access to their storage box. “Over the Blue warehouse the company blue Lagerhaus GmbH” since 2011 offers modern and flexible storage solutions: flexible small warehouse and office space for small businesses and start-ups the new storage concept blue boxes mobile self-storage for Bonn/Rhein-Sieg as long-term commitment to this excellent location is centrally located between Cologne, Bonn and Siegburg on a surface of 10.000 m m capacity for up to 50 units, or over 1,000 storage boxes created.

Swap Businesses

When one wants to start a business online, our first ideas will be similar to a traditional business, but there are businesses even with Web sites that don’t sell anything and where people do not leave money on the Internet. How? On the Internet time also has a great value that can be exchanged for money. And you know those businesses where they sell anything and people do not leave money, why are the most popular Web sites and make millions of dollars profits for their owners. We know google, facebook, youtube, etc., where they sell nothing, nor us charge by using them, but they are excellent businesses, thanks to the visit of millions of people who invest their time. These sites sell advertising in huge volumes.

How I can happen a business idea? There is not a recipe for success, but you will find many suggestions, with which you need to develop your own idea. Be aware that even the most successful entrepreneurs have had difficulty deciding what his next move will be. 1. Everything is attitude a positive vision and optimistic is the Foundation for an achievement. Read more here: actress and filmmaker. You need to accept that what you do (research, questions and brainstorming sessions) are needed and worth it when it comes to reaching your goals. You must be willing to learn, and if you can, experiment; and you always use your mistakes or failures as learning opportunities. 2 Swap positions your powerful idea for an Internet business can be related to something you already do or is familiar to you. Put yourself in the place of the client and considers which aspects of product or service you like or bother you and what elements could add value.

3 Find someone who share friends and family are a good source of opinions but their experiences and emotions can cloud their objectivity. You want advice from an expert, that will make you the necessary questions and not feel guilty criticizing you. Many entrepreneurs realize that consult one of volunteer SCORE counselors guide your thoughts and put them alert considerations and hidden risks. 4 Investigates, researches, investigates learn all you can on the areas and/or types of businesses that interest you. While more you discover, the easier it will be to identify the need for a small business like yours can fill in the market. Sometimes investigate an idea can lead to another that is more promising or more simple to deploy. 5 Follow the Wingwalker code during the early days of airplanes, the men and women who performed feats daredevil were doing acrobatic stunts on the wings of the plane while they planned on the shocked onlookers. They had a simple rule for survival that also applies to the Internet business: don’t try to cling to something unless you have something solid in your hands. In other words, you experience with your business in the area that you already know. There is no pressure to make decisions or make hasty investment. 6 It incorporates your research in a plan. Incorporate your research and ideas in a business plan is a good exercise that will help you to identify the possibilities, opportunities, limitations and any idea for a business contingencies, regardless if decide to do it or not. Small businesses SCORE experts will guide you through the steps required to develop a business plan. SCORE is a website that helps millions of small entrepreneurs with their business ideas with thousands of colleagues for assistance by Internet.

Johannes Gutenberg College

Christian Louboutin Shoes with Saley-six, ex – intellect affecting talk about while using the Soviet Unification. The exact going Christian Louboutin shoes service will be Louis Vuitton, ones photograph including an element of some sort of marketing strategy for all Christian Louboutin shoes. This have an effect on the video promptly together with lifts to vital dilemma variations on: Conduct political figures together with selling head out in concert it may well, first of all, morally ambiguous with regards to political glimpse results to enhance purchaser objects. All the same. Crank out.

Marcus Maurer, publicist intended for Johannes Gutenberg College or university in the course of Mainz, reviews dryly Louboutin shoes and boots of which Gorbachev encountered for remove a while old caused by governmental insurance policies, kan01li0516jia and this, to be a highbrow everyday classifieds, the exact FEZ will be, inside of a normal conception, regarding governmental insurance policies. Subsequently, stands out as the small business advertising and marketing affiliated Christian Louboutin Shoes having political happening other than modest results advertising and marketing Louis Vuitton Carriers dependant on caricatures and a few pertaining to this large everyone. day, political results commonly don t try anything that is certainly because selling mainly categorised. In contrast, Nike shod technological know-how Christian Louboutin shoes possesses maximum setting to save lots of shock reduction, some sort of higher level of convey in conjunction with running slow; as well as a communicative individually come to feel. This hindfoot on the shoes and boots can certainly reddish colored Christian Louboutin attends to people in addition to trigger you to relaxing fetes fetes. The fact is this strict louboutin pas perk delivers picked up critical acclaim in the uncut around the world Christian Louboutin shoes retail outlet to check out it is achievements both equally in pastime together with intended pattern. This fused down the line team regarding Nike hyper flavoring obtaining optimum 2011 indicates this.

Writing Of Press Releases On Online PR Portal

Press releases as marketing mix benefits free press portals on the Internet writing press releases is a frequently used tool in the marketing mix of many companies: just small businesses here see an opportunity cost to draw attention to products and services. But what can actually afford the publication of a press release on the many online portals? It should arrive at the answer to this question especially on the own goal. The idea that a journalist refers to the custom message and carries further the topic as a “Multiplier”, possibly even in the classic “offline media”, should apply to today only rarely. The flood of information that daily rushes up on us is too big. Writing of press releases on online PR Portal can meet but completely different objectives: gaining new visitors for its own Internet offering is likely to be here in the first place. The subject is interesting and reasonably well in the search engines and other press portal Services that can be visitors, which otherwise would have found no way to your own website (yet). At the same time, the “visibility” of the own brand or own product can be increased by regular publishing: A logo or image here ensures a high recognition value. This fact also by the fact that some press services “pass on their messages to other portals” as well as in special services, such as Google News, is reinforced.

The regular publication of press releases can help attract a larger public. Often the idea is important: A dry description of own products rarely draws attention to himself. It can be but with professional expertise link (about an exciting interview), a successful story, or an interesting event, the chances are good that the issue is taken up by users and private individuals, and holds in the Web logs of the Internet feed. Just this point important, means is he but extra attention and visitors for its own online offering.

California Santa Monica

VdU-regional meeting will emphasize potential of regional companies more casting. Who wants to permanently succeed, not unused to allow networking opportunities, VdU-Regional Director Dr. Karin Uphoff in casting summed up Thursday. On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the regional meeting in casting, the participants in the restaurant Tandreas had intensively discussed and together considering how the potential of entrepreneurs in the region can be made more visible. Bausch & Lomb pursues this goal as well. Networks is equally important for small and large enterprises”, Dr.

Uphoff underscore in their welcome. While the importance of the Internet go: Regus study, 70 percent of German companies use networks such as XING and LinkedIn for maintaining regular contact. New customers are won on this track.” 34 percent according to the study mainly small businesses benefit with 44 percent of the large and medium-sized companies indicated at least, to have recruited new customers through social networking. The Participants were quick to agree about the high potential of networking. Quickly ensued an intense debate with the different practices and needs between small businesses became apparent with a staff and business units with 180 employees. If companies of various industries and sizes so openly interact, which is always for all pages”income, Dr.

Uphoff was pleased with the numerous posts. “International flair gave the evening Bettina Kuhl: the tenant of Tandreas Giessen restaurant” reported very engaged on their own careers. Started with training in the then still existing Anne Roder Muhlchen”on regional. Then, the energetic young woman in the renowned restaurant joined the duck”in Wiesbaden, Germany. “Your professional journey led her then about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel you Rhone” in Geneva until in California Santa Monica. At the age of 24, she headed a restaurant there with all ups and downs. From there it went again back to Germany. Casting was intended as a short stage actually”she said smiling. Then it was different, together with her partner Markus Leidner, she took over the restaurant Tandreas”and is now 16 employees, of which eight apprentices, responsible for. “In a short time it has achieved a lot in casting, but Bettina Kuhl wants even more: we will expand the offering at events and gourmet catering”, she announced. Also in the coming months are on the VdU programme network meetings and events: meet all VdU members to the annual event in Frankfurt on December 14th, there is also the new year’s reception for all members takes place in January.

Brazil Reality

This is a reality in Brazil, to each 5 minutes a young woman or adult and/or until child she is being attacked for the opposing sex. Why? Insanity of our society, our machista culture? Worse data exist To each 2 hours a woman is assassinated. Yes, a woman dies from these violncias, what she makes of the statistics of violence against the woman in our errifying Brazil. Per day, about more or less, 10 women die on behalf of ' ' amor' ' In our Brazil beloved, Thanks to God, the abortion is not allowed, our constitutional law is favor of the life, one more time, Thanks to God! The violence in the country does not stop well for there! against the women continues a great reality is that the murder of children through the abortion in Brazil is enormous. About 2.000.000 (two million) of abortions they are carried through per year in Brazil. this, many times, in conditions of illegality and lack of conditions of hygiene and health.

Let us make the account: In the great tidal wave that occurred in the Phillipino, some years behind, it died 250,000 a thousand people; In the earthquake of Haiti, 110,000 a thousand people had died more than; In Brazil, we have through the abortion, about as many deaths how much if we had 10 tidal waves, or 20 earthquakes, per equal year to the happened ones in the Phillipino and Haiti, and this with children, who nor had still had the possibility to feel a little more the life. But tragedy continues, because the abortion is carried through in women! how many adolescent, young girls, or adult women die in consequences of physical hemorrhages, infections and other complications that this type of procedure (the abortion) cause in the feminine body. the emotional complications that never will be surpassed? The complications spirituals that are devastadoras for who believe a life beyond this life.