Research Project Automation

For this year’s cooperation project of the University of Mannheim and the IT service provider CEMA kicks off cooperation of Hochschule Mannheim and IT-Systemhaus CEMA on March 27, 2012. “30 students of the Bachelor Automation / data center / cloud technology are computer science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schramm, head of the Institute in three and a half months of a development task around the theme” make. By CEMA Oliver Buring, Managing Director of CEMA IT Services GmbH and Thomas Weber, Managing Director of CEMA, the project coach specialists for Informationssysteme GmbH. Project description CEMA provides customers implementation and operations tasks in the area of server and cluster like about setting up servers, the implementation of virus protection or the limbs of servers in monitoring or backup solutions. These tasks are often identical in their process, but vary by custom parameter.

The various partial processes of such a task based tool, manually implemented in part. The Bumping this individual partial processes is usually gradual and manually. There is potential for optimization: the manual implementation is also error-prone and time-consuming. The cloud promises simple and flexible solutions. To the o.a.. must however be processes standardizes and automates to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency in the data center operation and a significant increase in the quality. The initialization or procurement process shall be by a self service portal”simplifies and minimizes time.

In the project, technologies from VMware, TrendMicro, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Microsoft and CommVault come to fruition. The results of the students at the CEMA will be presented in late June. After careful consideration and assessment of the individual solutions by the IT specialists of CEMA, the students receive a feedback. It is planned that the so developed tools in practice are used. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schramm.” We look forward to the project, but us because we develop for the first time not only software, deal with the design of IT services and they then implement in a real environment. Of course the whole thing as a modern Web application is provided. The special difficulty or the challenge stems from the diversity and heterogeneity of the used hardware and software systems. Professionally as personally students are strongly encouraged and can detect even a tense anticipation.” “Twitter: launch like: research project automation in the data center” of Hochschule Mannheim and CEMA. More about blog.cema.

Mobile Phone

Many are comments and urban legends that come on the batteries of our mobile phones (cell phones). Once that another we have encountered different opinions that differ on the maintenance of the batteries of these, each by someone other that with his method ensures optimum use and good maintenance for phone (you must leave the download!.) You should avoid that you download at all!). Actually nothing of the sort is absolutely right. The maintenance of each battery depends on the type of battery that uses your mobile. Each model usually indicated and could simply open the lid of the mobile to find out. Once you know the type of your phone’s battery can follow the appropriate instructions to care for maximum battery. Mobile phone battery types are (in chronological order): nickel-cadmium nickel hydride metal ion of lithium maintenance nickel-cadmium batteries: the batteries of nickel-cadmium batteries are older batteries that suffer from the memory effect, produced by a bad battery maintenance which decreases your ability. Operation: If we take a partially charged battery at 50% and plugged it into the charger memory effect makes long-term that 50% battery still had to put it on charge is again futile.

If you charge the battery when this 70% of its charge memory effect would cause the remaining capacity is only 30%. From this we deduce that it is advisable always wait until the battery completely with the use prior to reconnection to the electrical network. Maintenance of nickel-metal hydride batteries: Although most modern that of nickel-cadmium batteries suffer the so-called memory effect, though to a lesser extent, so it is recommended that the battery discharge completely before being recharged again. Maintenance of lithium-ion batteries: are batteries that all modern mobile use. Of small size and very good ability, unlike the first these do not suffer from the memory effect. Which means that you can rest assured when we put to recharge the battery before you download, is even recommended to avoid to be downloaded completely. Other recommendations to take into account:-the battery must have something less than 50% of its cargo before being recharged. Does not suffer the memory effect although it is a good recommendation that can extend life. -It is damaging that you always download completely, but it is good that you download completely at least once a month. -Once this fills and charged, is convenient to unplugging it from the mains. Some models of modern mobile phones can detect the level of load and cut off power supply automatically when the charge level reaches the maximum.

Dominican Republic

The bride of the Atlantic, this is how it is known to this picturesque coastal city of the North coast of Dominican Republic. Discovered this territory by Cristobal Colon in 1943, the city was newly founded in 1502. This fact makes that puerto Plata is one of the most traditional cities of America and one of the most extensive histories. It will be necessary then, take advantage of any of existing travel deals so you don’t miss a minute of the paradise Caribbean Sun. Colourful and simplicity characterize this city. The beaches are truly of your dreams, with palms, fine white sand and a turquoise sea that becomes transparent for bathers.

The local geography is dominated by what is known as the loma Isabel Torres, a mountain of 1000 meters high whose promontory stands a statue called Cristo Redentor, which can be accessed by funicular. Traditionally this area as the Amber Coast, is known for the abundance of a precious stone, vegetable, from origin of the fossilization of remains conifer. Incredibly, the amber floats in the sea. It is, in fact, a resin of plant origin, with one age of not less than 300 million years. Dominican amber has the property of being in a deep blue color, making it one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Puerto Plata economy relies greatly on tourism, so the branch of tourist services is widely developed. Precisely, the variety of options in terms of resorts and hotels is profuse, which allows you to schedule a vacation of your dreams at a truly affordable price.

Vacations to puerto Plata offerings usually include everything (food and accommodation). The city has an international airport, Gregorio Luperon, which greatly facilitates the transfer. One of the most important attractions of Puerto Plata is the presence of humpback whales, species in danger of extinction, that seeks local warm waters to reproduce. Sightings of these whales is highly appreciated by the tourists, given that this species likes to do tricks and jumps on the sea surface, offering the opportunity to take a truly spectacular photos. For the lovers of natural life, an Ocean Park, where usually offer shows with dolphins and other marine species there are in Puerto Plata.

ASICS Gel Shoes

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Royal Decree of the Ministry

The past March 13 entered into force the Royal Decree of the Ministry of industry, tourism and Commerce 201/2010, which regulates the exercise of commercial activity in regime of franchise and the communication of data to the register of franchisors. It is a reform of the previous regulations, ensures from the Spanish Association of franchisors, seeks equal treatment with the provisions of the EU but which leaves crucial aspects unresolved, among them, two fundamental:-firstly establishing disparate criteria to determine the autonomous community to whose registry the franchisor must communicate their data. In a few cases the RD refers to logging of the autonomous community where the franchisor provide to initiate their activities and others to the register of the autonomous community where the franchisor has its domicile. This disparity can cause in our opinion a clear legal uncertainty, without that reach to understand the reasons that motivate it explains Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF. -Secondly the most worrying aspect in the development of the Royal Decree is one that refers to possible downward from a franchisor in the register since, due to the lack of data communication, will entail, as well as relevant economic sanctions, the impossibility of proceeding with the exercise of the franchisor activity. This point contradicts openly as provided in another section of the Act. The disproportion of the sanction is so obvious and the contradiction so difficult to explain, that it could end up being more beneficial to the franchisor not registered in the register.

Indeed, non-registration would undoubtedly entail economic sanctions provided for in the law, but never the impossibility to carry out the activity franchise. The inscription, on the other hand, if it were followed by a possible lack of data communication (that must be completed on an annual basis) could cause in addition to sanctions, the inability to continue operating. Because of this, the representatives of the AEF provided meet in the short term with representatives of the Ministry for bringing your concern for these two measures. A few steps forward that the AEF Yes welcomed is the simplification of the registration in the register of franchisors. You are now being asked to communicate activity franchise within three months of its inception, and soon requested that the communication would be prior to such activity. Seems to me better now, since we will avoid the registration of firms that intend to franchising, which then is not confirmed, but that are still in the registry, thickening it artificially. That Yes, this organization also believes that everything can be improved. The registration problem is in its management, which has improved, but that is still far from reach acceptable minimums. For more information: press contact: Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tel.


In this article we give you a little advice about strategies that you can use and aspects that you must be careful during your divorce. Beware of false allegations to win divorce commonly women are ill-advised and denounce their husbands per child or domestic abuse. If the accusations are false, this establishes a situation lose – lose, i.e. she loses, you lose. The husband is pressured by the threat of jail and offered a fiscal agreement.

The wife makes these allegations without having gone to therapy of reconciliation to try to heal the marriage. Legal advisors can help you in your divorce professional counselors who are familiar with the tactics of divorce and the alienation of children can help you quickly identify if there is manipulation of children or allegations. A qualified professional identifies accurately the aggressive and harmful actions by your ex that can help you cope with the situation. Looking for help in your divorce need all the support that You can get, whether it is your family, friends, divorced fathers rights movement, lawyer, neighbors, public opinion, employer, doctor, Minister, etc. Your wife provided the support that was provided. You’ll need now from friends and family because she is no longer. After the divorce, she will be your adversary, unfortunately, even if you think otherwise, once the decision to divorce, has taken her no longer over your partner, but your opponent and will only have their interests in mind.

It tries to be polite, but don’t let that the natural tendency of many men to believe that they are Lords destroy your future happiness. You can still take care of it, but keep in mind that she has much more powerful weapons who perhaps do not yet know, but who, with the help of a good lawyer, you will know. You must understand that the lawyers have a vested interest in the money you pay them for their services, so they can give you several turns to the subject to maintain its high turnover.