Assentis: Hardware & Software

Output management product family from Assentis expanded in release 4.6 functionalities to the authoring banks and insurance companies will especially benefit from the innovations of Red Cross, 03.02.2010. February 1, 2010, the Assentis Technologies AG has released the release 4.6 of the established document creation solution DocFamily. The new release adds support the latest browser … Read moreAssentis: Hardware & Software

Jair Blacksmith

Samuel, in this saw, identifies itself with the onlotolgica representation of the tecnicizao and, therefore as annihilating machine of its proper freedom, and full accomplishment. After – modernismo impregnates the niilista ideal of an absent, inexistent expression, of values, certainties, and meaning for the life. They are constructed then, mannering configurations of a man: android … Read moreJair Blacksmith

Anti-Israel Is Anti-semitc

Last thing you said was, that Obama is controlled by the Jewish vote. Columnist Abraham H. Miller, said: the difference between radical Muslims and progressive Jews, is seeking the first be martyrs while the latter aspire to be victims. The conceptual error or ignorance, obstruct the lucidity of many Jews who can’t distinguish between friends … Read moreAnti-Israel Is Anti-semitc