Anti-Israel Is Anti-semitc

Last thing you said was, that Obama is controlled by the Jewish vote. Columnist Abraham H. Miller, said: the difference between radical Muslims and progressive Jews, is seeking the first be martyrs while the latter aspire to be victims. The conceptual error or ignorance, obstruct the lucidity of many Jews who can’t distinguish between friends and enemies. General rule, Jews are identified with the left than with rights, although most poisonous anti-Semitism today is found in their hosts. Hate the Jews change sides depending on the rulers of the day.

You have to understand who are the current anti-Semitic. No doubt occupy first place Muslims, which in addition to showing their fangs in the Middle East, make it in Europe, and they are starting in Latin America at the hands of Hugo Chavez. We are the prelude to a moment comparable to the early days of Hitler. Iran is preparing to attack to Israel with nuclear bombs and Barack Obama doesn’t think doing nothing to prevent it, leaving his only ally in the Middle East to their fate. It is in the difficult moments when measured to friends. It is no coincidence that the israelis confidence in Obama is almost zero.

All countries, with the single with which relations have deteriorated since he assumed the Presidency, it is Israel. His influence is such that the support of the American people to Israel fell from 71 per cent to 44. The consequences of this cultural change are unprecedented and unpredictable. We don’t know if it is temporary or will endure. In his speech on June 4 in Cairo, Obama compared the treatment of Israel Palestinians with the Nazis towards the Jews during the Holocaust, allegory continued, relating the behavior of white southerners toward American blacks, and in the same speech the arms tended to Majmud Ajmadineyad. If Obama is not the Hitler of today, it is the closest thing to the Fuhrer that has seen the world in the past 70 years. Anti-Semitism is growing in the form directly proportional to the demonization of Israel. Today’s anti-Semitism is not focused it is global. It is voluntary and not mandatory, as happened in Germany, where forced the population to be complicit in the scheme. Make the advertising role of the fascist government today progressive media. Obama should be judged by their actions. Behind his charismatic smile, is the man who will lead the world into total darkness, possibly to the death of millions, and obviously will blame Israel and the Jews.