Free Software Awards

Just start the 2nd Edition of the awards PortalProgramas. that it recognize free software that it has demonstrated greater quality, innovation and performance during 2010. There are more than 1,000 euros in donations to the free programs. The world of free software is very large and is the time to know and recognize the merit of many free software projects we use usually and often nor know, hence the usefulness of these awards. In the words of Francisco Brana, responsible for contents: donated more than 1,000 euros to free programs that you can help us choose to foster their development and thank the dedication, effort and talent of its developer community. They can participate in the contest programs free from any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac and can nominate all the projects that you want until the 15 of November. Thus the same possibilities are given to all free programs wishing to participate.

Voting will commence on November 16 and will last until the year 30.Este the contest of PortalProgramas has grown and there are 4 categories of awards: best free software, most revolutionary Free Software, free Software you need more donations and best free game. Free software can thus be valued from different aspects. More information about the PortalProgramas awards to free software. Original author and source of the article


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