Breaching the utilitarian thought that always folloies the man in elapsing of the centuries, Aristotle remembers that philosophy in itself is love to the knowledge and that this knowledge does not concentrate or if apprehends of magical form, but yes, gradual, depending on the performance and the curiosity that makes the man to search and … Read moreAristotle

Earn Money

I have this theory of income multiples, is that many people already are using here on the internet and make money. Recently Angelina Jolie sought to clarify these questions. But this rather write it for those who are with the idea that perhaps, earn money on the internet is a good choice. And in my … Read moreEarn Money

Coordinator Proposals

There will be wary both of the phrase do not need anything, I have everything; as this one: I have nothing, I need everything. Both are obscure. Nor so much and so little. Some nihilism can be heard sometimes: ask is useless, nobody listens to you. (3) The order transformed into proposal at the third … Read moreCoordinator Proposals

Historical Lingustica

For Bortoni-Ricardo (2006) if it becomes urgent an attitude of the educators in the attempt of if diminishing the lingustico preconception. The population needs yes, to know our grammar and orthography, but leaving of its language proper and known with direction to standardized and not this as imposition and intimidation of the verbal and usual … Read moreHistorical Lingustica

The Line

I confess that I was surprised at this declaration. It did not wait for it. very of my interest in working with you was alicerado in a serious position. Today I confess that it does not roll more interest to divide the work, because was a bucket of cold water. Now I am without knowing … Read moreThe Line