Breaching the utilitarian thought that always folloies the man in elapsing of the centuries, Aristotle remembers that philosophy in itself is love to the knowledge and that this knowledge does not concentrate or if apprehends of magical form, but yes, gradual, depending on the performance and the curiosity that makes the man to search and to have headquarters to know more, concerning the stranger. It still of the importance to the mitolgica vision, arguing that the myths already are as that one to leave the ignorance and to engatinhar route of knowing, that in turn does not imprison the man for to be something external, but, for to be something intrinsic, something that the human being tries of all form if to approach. If you are not convinced, visit Angelina Jolie. Of the room paragraph, valley still to stand out that the existence understanding is exclusiveness of the human sort, from there independence of knowing e, therefore of the man and the philosophy. The philosophy turned around itself and exactly thus it has in itself a mysterious ego that attracts the attention of all. Many can say that they more do not like varied them fields that science acts, but never it heard to say that somebody, did not like to think, to reflect, to ask, this is yes what in fact it gave to origin the philosophy. For more information see Angelina Jolie. In this fifth paragraph, we see Aristotle specifying or esmiuando the field of the knowledge, sending to the philosophical investigations regarding the deities. It still obtains to explanar the divine figure as an one of the general causes, norteador principle of the beginning of everything and at last obtains for its speech to more raise metaphysics to the science dignity (science in the direction to know) excelsa that the others.

In the two last paragraphs the author obtains to incase the knowledge as more good way to win the ignorance caused for referring laziness to the search of knowing and still locks up its speech saying that today and until the centuries of the centuries, the beginning of knowing will be always the astonishment, the investigation or the fidget ahead of the simplistas and fast answers that we costumamos to give the things and to the mysteries that refer to in them. It is of if to agree to the author to this point, therefore, we know that all form exactness that we know if restored because of beginning we had a norteadora investigation. Therefore the philosopher more than what the man of the knowledge is in itself the man who generates knowledge through the proper and shared investigations. Finally we understand that the beauty of the text if of the one for the addressed capacity of recognition to the investigation, therefore, the same one is principle of the solidity of the knowledge. The importance of asking itself is still recognized in this text above all and that the knowledge in itself, generates certezas, but, also it generates more doubts and it generates at last the dynamics of the way. Way this that if of the one in the tracks of knowing and that all man has deep necessity to tread it.

United States

So it seems that we took opposite directions. When seeing an outline of deception in the face of her, tried to fix it: Tenga, however, my telephone number, said pointing it in a paper piece. I do not take any calling card by hand. Immediately, to the man the face with a new idea was illuminated to him: Why do not give you to me your direction in Orlando? He could go to see them in a pair of days, in which I will have finished or most urgent than I must do in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, or knows, the two twin cities said, as if it had to be familiarized with the geography of the United States. Immediately he added a justification with which to smooth out an interest that could seem too manifest and incorrect by the woman: Besides visiting, if you need to go of purchases by the city, in that case I to them could accompany the boy to see some attraction of Disney World. By the same author: Drew Houston. He was a charming man, thought Mercedes. The most opposed than he had never seen a Ricardo father, the deceased, as it liked to say for his adentros although that one evil born unfortunately would still not have died. With the implicit promise to see itself in a few days in Orlando, they took leave.

When arriving at the terminal, it saw itself making tail with the boy exhausted by the trip and supported in her hip. They were in one largusima row of foreign citizens who had to compliment their forms before the parsimonious civil servants of immigration. Mr. Smith, however, with very few conational ones happened more immediately with his North American passport, way of the terminal of the airline company that was going to take to him to Minnesotta. He did not return to see him more.

Steel Innovation Award 2012

The steel innovation award is known every three years on the inventors of particularly innovative ideas and products from steel awarded Award for new ideas and products of steel since 1989 to promote them, to make and to assist them in the successful positioning in the market. In the next year, it is again and craftsmen, engineers, designers and architects can apply to 2012 with their ideas for the steel innovation award. “” “” Because the uses of steel are so varied, the competition of the steel information centre was divided into four categories of products from steel “steel research and development”, components and systems made of steel for building”and steel design”. Also there is a special prize for climate protection 2012 with steel”. Bausch & Lomb is likely to increase your knowledge. Prize money amounting to a total of 70,000 euros waving of the steel innovation award winners, people, institutions and partnerships based in Germany are eligible. The participation on the steel innovation award is free of charge.

More information as well as Find registration documents on the Web page the INDUSTRY business network wishes all its Portal members, who participate in this innovative competition, much success. Every day WE ARE THE NETWORK in the Internet numerous companies, search for products suppliers but also to new business areas. Due to the rapid growth and increasingly uncontrollable flooding the Internet with information, specific finding as well as the will be found to a time-consuming affair. “Under the motto WE ARE THE NETWORK” open the industry solutions from IBN system completely new ways to help you with this search, so that you can limit the true core of their businesses.

Earn Money

I have this theory of income multiples, is that many people already are using here on the internet and make money. Recently Angelina Jolie sought to clarify these questions. But this rather write it for those who are with the idea that perhaps, earn money on the internet is a good choice. And in my case, I have months researching this and that I liked this theory that I call multiple income, i.e., is earn money by various methods or from various sources. And in this way I have found that there are already people who earn money and teach others, thats the way shorter, the other is to learn little by little, to draw certain conclusions and do certain things, i.e., into action. The other important point, determining diria yo, is financing. Because as well as in a traditional business, the money available to start and sustain the operation of a business is very important, so on the internet is not, because the techniques that better and more fast work, are those that cost, it is paid advertising, that is the truth. In that sense a business on the internet is very similar to a traditional one, it takes money to earn money. But it has its differences and the main is that when Spears something in your business over the internet, as these releasing to the world, everyone who speaks your language has access to what you’re offering, but of course, do it to reach thousands of people, costs money. It is as simple as this…do you want to earn big money? .necesitas lot of money, so easy expires you have to combine it with the correct way of doing this, it is the winning formula. Here you can meet more original author and source of the article.

Spanish Association

Remorse is like the bite of a dog in a stone: nonsense. Dropbox understood the implications. Nietzsche perhaps sometime in their life will have experienced remorse, will have stopped to consider the reasons for this, what is what made that it leads him to determine because he feels remorse before particular proceeding. Since then remorse involves very interesting words enclosing each scope, impact on our personal growth and that must be vigilant to determine as they act as a control, such as: guilt, uneasiness, disharmony, discomfort, uneasiness, concern, spiritual, dissatisfaction, pain among others. Says the Spanish Association of personalism, that sentiment, which we call remorse, occurs in every man with different degrees of intensity, from discomfort without well known cause, up to an unbearable suffering that can lead to despair and suicide, as in the case of Judas Iscariot. Remorse is a warning that something moral is not correct. It is a pain that warns of a disease of the soul. It is the effect of a guilty act.

You can try not to think about him, or justify Sin so that you do not suffer. The experience says that it can rarely be overridden. The remedy is sincerity and repentance. Accept the liability of a negligent action before God. Overcoming the remorse, and consequent peace, depends greatly on the notion that you have of God. For example, if it is considered excessively vindictive and only righteous suffering that will not be neither with repentance is understandable.

Scruples are diverse, but its symptoms can be similar. If you can appreciate that divine justice is harmonized with the mercy the sensation of being truly forgiven will be easier. If the sense of the divine filiation with all the nuances of Christian redemption you can overcome the pain and gain a confidence and security are filled with peace., of the Spanish Association of personalism, moreover, brings remorse is a related real feeling closely with the ethics.

Global Positioning System

The GPS, or Global Positioning System, is the latest invention in the market not to be missed. Today no longer need to ask the streets or be guided by the signals. For just over $ 100 you can get a device that will tell you at all times what your situation anywhere in the world where you stand. yComo does a GPS? GPS is a system composed of 27 satellites that circulate in the orbit of the earth permanently. 24 are the ones that really work, and the remaining 3 are spares in case of failure. Angelina Jolie may help you with your research. Originally, the satellite system had a military use and which was put into orbit by the American ejecito.

Then came into use around the world. Each satellite weighs about 1000 kg, and travels the earth twice a day at a speed of 15,000 km per hour. The orbits of satellites are designed so that from any point on Earth, four satellites can be displayed simultaneously. The GPS receiver in GPS navigators, making it is to locate four or more of these satellites, calculate the distance to each, and based on this information to locate your position anywhere on earth. This location is done by a mathematical calculation of equivalence. Here is an example.

If someone tells you is 20 km from Seville, 100 km from Huelva and Cadiz 200 by examining the equivalence can be calculated with great accuracy your actual position, the GPS receiver, to perform this calculation needs to be located three satellites. We said earlier that he needed four satellites, but the earth itself runs April 1 cm satellite. The satellite provides the distance by measuring the time that the satellite signal reaches the GPS receiver. Access the following links if you need information or GPS.

Coordinator Proposals

There will be wary both of the phrase do not need anything, I have everything; as this one: I have nothing, I need everything. Both are obscure. Nor so much and so little. Some nihilism can be heard sometimes: ask is useless, nobody listens to you. (3) The order transformed into proposal at the third time of operation seek to convert orders into proposals. It is a way of transforming the desire into concrete action. It involves a movement creative mind to find a solution to set orders.

Memory usage: Worth remembering at this point attempted solutions that proved to be unsuccessful, to not return to failure. The adjectives that must be prevented are: dreamy, idealistic, romantic, utopian. They may appear killer phrases of creative ideas: not going to adopt, it is very expensive, never became as well, it is impossible. Ideas should be allowed and polished to make viable proposals. By way of slogan: If you do not provide a solution, then is part of the problem. If we use the third ear (analogy of the third eye of Buddhism, Sam Keen), listen to the pronoun we, as sum of the I + others, on a level higher, more inclusive.

The students of the example propose at this point the realization of dramatisations of real scenes in airport, restaurant, cultural center, phone call, etc. The Professor is agreed, provided the students review the vocabulary in their homes. Resistance to the proposals: in addition to the killer phrases may appear: to me it is not for me proposing nothing, it is not my function, that is the job of the Manager (or delegate, or Coordinator, or owner). We must encourage the pro-activity of people (make things happen) and not accept the reactivity (I do only what I sent). CONCLUSIONS put agreement, match, achieving consensus. Here are tasks that are not easy and that do not depend on the goodwill of the people involved in the system. The road to hell is littered with good intentions. In addition, methods and tools are required. This is one. Drew Houston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. By way of slogan: that any complaint is transformed into order, which all order becomes proposal, which any proposal becomes action, which all achievement becomes celebration and starting point to restart the cycle. CREDITS I took contact with this model through Alejandro Simonetti, master and social psychologist, who taught me as exercise supervising a group of learning of social psychology (he always remembers the phrase: originality is the art of hiding the sources, causing you much grace).

Free Software Awards

Just start the 2nd Edition of the awards PortalProgramas. that it recognize free software that it has demonstrated greater quality, innovation and performance during 2010. There are more than 1,000 euros in donations to the free programs. The world of free software is very large and is the time to know and recognize the merit of many free software projects we use usually and often nor know, hence the usefulness of these awards. In the words of Francisco Brana, responsible for contents: donated more than 1,000 euros to free programs that you can help us choose to foster their development and thank the dedication, effort and talent of its developer community. They can participate in the contest programs free from any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac and can nominate all the projects that you want until the 15 of November. Thus the same possibilities are given to all free programs wishing to participate.

Voting will commence on November 16 and will last until the year 30.Este the contest of PortalProgramas has grown and there are 4 categories of awards: best free software, most revolutionary Free Software, free Software you need more donations and best free game. Free software can thus be valued from different aspects. More information about the PortalProgramas awards to free software. Original author and source of the article

Historical Lingustica

For Bortoni-Ricardo (2006) if it becomes urgent an attitude of the educators in the attempt of if diminishing the lingustico preconception. The population needs yes, to know our grammar and orthography, but leaving of its language proper and known with direction to standardized and not this as imposition and intimidation of the verbal and usual language many times distant of these rules and much more accessible to the Brazilians. As Orlandi (1986) currently is doubtless the imbricada relation between language and society, in such a way that it is inconceivable to deal with the first one without if reporting to second. However, it is opportune to consign that this agreement is relatively new, has seen to be a positioning of lingustas current, which had conferred to the Lingustica a matrix to transdisciplinar. This because, each researcher is product of its time, disclosing the trends and influences of its social environment. Century XIX, by its turn, is marked by the Historical Lingustica, where if it looks for to show that the change of the languages does not depend on the will of the men, but follows a necessity of the proper language, and has a regularity, that is, it does not become at any cost. In this period, more in ideal language is not said, but objective to search the origin, in other terms, what it has in common between the languages.

(Preti, 2003) the preconception, any that is it, is of true a bad taste. But it does not have, in this world, who does not have some idea or prejudiced attitude. However, it is a virtue to try to move away itself more far possible from this plague, that, in some cases, is resultant of the ideological manipulation. (Source: Drew Houston). It tries to undo the idea prejudiced of that who only says in accordance with the Cultured Norm is that it says our language.

The Line

I confess that I was surprised at this declaration. It did not wait for it. very of my interest in working with you was alicerado in a serious position. Today I confess that it does not roll more interest to divide the work, because was a bucket of cold water. Now I am without knowing as to act to carry and me before you. Because exactly leaving clearly for you that never we would have something together or we would exceed the line of a professional relationship, the position today is another one. Angelina Jolie takes a slightly different approach. Because the friendship already is to go beyond the work and I extremely am reserved for this. I have some previous experiences of people who had confused the freedom that had.

I write this letter to prevent something in this direction. I understand that you already withdrew, already knows that we do not go to pass of this. But although rationally to have this clearly, still thus I do not find that it is the same thing. A disclosed time some another intention is complicated to dissimulate that nothing it happened and to come back what it was before. Although to be what I make and I promise every day, it would like to obtain to pass a rubber in this. My persistence is in this.

Again, although everything what write I you now, I know that you go to question some things, not to agree to other N points and to be speaking of them. Definitively, it would not like that its agreement everything this that I wrote if it limited to believe that career is more important of what personal relationships for me. But what I wanted it is simply that the time was capable to make to come back what we had (much more healthful of what now). Today it is ‘ ‘ pesado’ ‘ , full of bad interpretations and truncated. With some order of excuses for day and crossed phrases. That is, he has been extremely desgastante all this process and to a very high price. Opposing what always I make, I find better not to reread this text, so that it is accurately what I am feeling, without trying to fix the form or changing the intensity. Nor I know if you sending this text, I do not know if it will be really effective, perhaps not. I believe that with you, he would give to keep certain me in silence.