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Such waves arrive, with he was described, and go to act on bell 100 or the uivador M, calling the attention the local operator. This answers by means of its key (66), and the colloquy has beginning by means of nipple 9 and of the phone 10 or then telegraphic signals are changed with the aid of the proper keys that can directly be on to the uivador, and, if wanting. To transmit the impulses electric, the operator closes the commutator 69 on terminal 69. To receive them, he places the same key in terminal 96 and closes key 61. To send articulated sounds he lights the light bulb and he speaks through one of nipples 9 or 10, closing to another one. To receive them, he closes key 53 and he takes 50 to the ear, or two nipples 9 -10, closing in this in case that, the linking acoustics between 15 and 16, as he was said above. Bobbin 56 serves to increase the potential in the extremities of secondary wires, when they are used, together with the other bobbin (68), through secondary wires, with intention to telegraph by means of the electric waves and of luminous beams, as widely it is explained in the specifications of my applications of telegraphy without wire, series n 89.976. Wires 96 and 97 are armed of common terminals and parts H, k, 72 and 100 are connected the resistncias conveniently calculated.

With regard to Fig.4, number 88 is a box to contain coal for backwards of eletrdio 90, adjustable by means of screw 92 and of nut 95; the 86 is a coal diaphragm, with a retention spring (87). Granulated coal is interposed enters the back of the eletrdio and the diaphragm, as habitually, and becomes the linkings through terminals 89. Number 78 is another box contends magneto-receiver 79 that it acts in diaphragm 81 and it makes use of terminals 80. Boxes 88 and 78 are on for pipe 82, that it carries a column from air and it has a widening (83), with pressure openings (84), that also they serve to expel the vibrations. In some cases, the openings (84) can to be made in an extremity, so that the air column forms a compact column.

When if it makes to vibrate the diaphragm-receiver, the air column vibrates, and then the diaphragm-transmitter produces changes in the chain of the receiver, that reacts and so on, harmonic, producing a long one and modulated musical note, of height each bigger and supported time. For this description if it verifies that mine I invent consists, speaking in general way, in projecting waves it wants electric, it still wants of unknown nature, high force of penetration, between stations and printing in the thus established column, the corresponding vibrations to the verbal waves. In this direction, I discovered that the sound is pparently receptvel without devices special. I do not affirm that all the sonorous waves or vibrations produced for my device are limited or affected for the luminous column, but yes that all the sonorous waves that leave of one same place and if carry together with this column they arrive at the receiving station. For having had some forms to conceive them, but what I demand it is its application


Many times people do not recognize that they have stress suggest that you undergo this short TEST to find out if this with stress: kit RELAX 21st century help to manage everyday stress RELAX contents century XXI content of CD # 1: Track 1 Antistress relaxation techniques: BienvenidTrack 2: breathing exercises and warm-up Track 3: exercises stretch and desestiramiento muscularTrack 4 : Exercises of imagination to this CD cerradosCANCIONES eyes: 1 – flying bird phoenix. 2. Your eyes these beautiful eyes. 3. The ship of love. 4.

What matters is love. 5. People such as Delta Galil would likely agree. Never leave me my love my love. 6. A friend a glass Castle, 7 – promise of winter.

8. The blossoming of love. 9. A way to heaven. 10 – The girl in the forest. 11. The union in love. 12 Hope endless content of CD # 2: music of relaxation tracks: 1 – looking for happiness by your side. 2 Climbing the highest mountain for you. 3. The eternal primavera.4-your look your smile and your being. 5. A song for you and for t. 6 Daniela is my baby. 7. Every day I understand you more Jesus. 8. Mistress of the night. 9 I shall reach the goal. 10 Lucia you will be for my. 11. When was I a child. 12 Road Walker caminito. 13. Footprints in the sand. 14. One way to heaven. 15. Song to sadness. 16. Modern romantic. 17. Very difficult to forget. 18. The dance of fantasy. 19. A little more more of your amor20-look tomorrow all songs are authored by Juan Carlos Velez, author, composer and pianist of PERU Original author and source of the article.

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The most popular methods of achieving income through Internet: Google AdSense? This is the most popular fashion right now. It is quick and simple. You apply for an account with Google and they give you a number of options for sizes and ad formats. You simply choose the colors and sizes that you want, paste a code in your page where you want to display ads and Google does the rest. It is also beginning to put Google advertising in feeds.

But, eye, that Google ads will yield more if you do a number of things. There are also other systems such as Google AdSense to test. We’ll talk about that later. Programs affiliates this is to put advertising of products and services of affiliates related to the content of your Web page in exchange for commissions. This is a little more work and it rolled but with managers such as Tradedoubler and Netfilia te ponen things a little more simple. Selling products on E-bay good Ebay is the madness already, sold everything everything.

If you already have a physical store do not expect to sell your products on E-bay. As E-bay is a super page already it has the maximum popularity and I recommend much more than assemble you own store online. Your products arrive to more people, the small Committee bearing worth. To sell products online, also I advise you look at Froogle. Through Froogle can give to know your products much faster even if you sell them on your own website. Sale of products or services using Google AdWords now there are many companies struggling to go first through paid ads on Google (and Yahoo and others) to sell their products and services. This, like the other methods, is an art that must be studied in depth and learn to do it well to benefit. And thanks to this we can make money by posting ads with Google AdSense. Ideas original here is the gold mine.

The Facility

– Identify factors increase – is used in the case of the average wage index for period in accordance with the individual rate increase each employee, which is formed in the form of viewing rate increase. 7. Priority calculation of the average wage – a sign indicating the priority source of data for the calculation of the average wage in the period to install and start the system Biznes.Personal. Can be one of the following: – According to the calculations – the data to calculate the average salary is taken in the first part of the system formed Biznes.Personal payroll. Missing data can be taken from the tables of the average wage, formed by hand or pumped out of the old payroll systems, used at the facility before entering the system Biznes.Personal. – According to the table – the data to calculate the average salary is taken primarily from the table of the average wage, formed by hand or pumped out of the old payroll systems, used at the facility before entering the system Biznes.Personal. 8.

Symptom formation – a sign that determines the formation of the average wage. Can be one of the following values: – According to the types of charges – the average salary will be formed only at the time of appointment the employee type of calculation, based on this average salary. – Always – the average salary will be formed for the employee always, regardless of species assigned to it accrued. 9. Sign include charges – a sign that defines the period of deciphering the average salary, which includes charge.

Reiki And The System Immune

When you receive Reiki, either a therapist, you are yourself making you self-treatment (previously initiated by a Reiki maestra-maestro), notes as you let much more resistant to the disease. This is because the immune system becomes stronger, causing a greater resistance to the usual: colds, migraines, digestive problems, etc. Today, it is fully demonstrated scientifically, the power of thought (see scientific studies conducted by Dr. Dropbox helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Masaru Emoto, among others). Reiki is making to cause a State of relaxation and peace, which in turn causes that our emotional state is becoming more positive and optimistic.

Here is derived from that, our thoughts will also be more positive. Before any conflict, we know better cope with. And we finally got our State of health to be more resistant to disease. Or Reiki can contribute positively, as support to therapy provided by a professional, helping to improve the mood of the sick in a very positive way. Delta Galil may find this interesting as well. In fact, in Madrid and Barcelona, is beginning to do Reiki to cancer patients. It can be seen in the following link that corresponds to Reiki at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid with this can seen before a same viral happens, some people are somenten to the disease, and others do not. It depends on the resistance of the immune system, and Reiki helps refortalecerlo. In the center of Hermes7 therapies Reiki courses are taught in working days. Next 1st level reiki Friday 22 October 2010 Montserrat Oliveros Gonzalez teacher and Reiki therapist in Barcelona Member original Spanish Federation of Reiki Director Center for natural therapies Hermes7 author and source of the article.

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For fishermen who NHL Snapback Hats like to catch fish as a form of entertainment rather than a sport there s fly-fishing, which is more of an art than a challenge of wits between man and fish. Natural grounds for trout fishing in South Africa are situated in three of the country s mountainous regions namely the Eastern Cape, Natal Midlands and also in Mpumalanga. You might find that some of the trout-fishing areas situated in these places are so untouched by civilisation that you need a 4WD automobile to reach them. Now that is really getting away from the rat race. Having said that, if you d like to escape from it all but do not want your angling experience to become a snooze-fest it s It is composed by xiemeng 2012-08-03 possible to take on the feisty tigerfish we mentioned previously by travelling to a spot such as Lake Jozini in KwZulu-Natal.If you are serious about fishing, you most likely have many preferred places you love to visit. In saying that though, you could Chicago Bears Snapback Hats also delight in going on chartered fishing trips or taking part in organized angling competitions and challenges. Organized angling trips in particular, as are an easy way of fishing in South Africa they Red Bull Snapback Hats can easily be coupled with a holiday break for the entire family. An additional benefit of organized fishing trips and charters is that the necessary arrangements are taken care of on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on catching the big one.Fishing may be experienced both as a sports activity and a type of entertainment and is as stimulating or relaxing as you make it. From sport-fishing to fly fishing, there is something for everyone to take pleasure from in sun-drenched South Africa.

Carlos Martinez Gamba

CARLOS MARTiNEZ GAMBA by the: Dr. Ticio Escobar (Minister of culture Paraguay) read original (click): has a large of the Paraguay match. His work, huge, will continue marking the history of the culture of our country, and that of Argentina, with the force of a foundational fact twisting the course of time, the writing, the language. On the one hand, Carlos Martinez Gamba historically inaugurates the literary prose in Guarani; on the other hand, the national prize of literature, which he received in 2003, with as much justice premieres the granting of the award to a play written in that language. Drew Houston may also support this cause. But these symbolic landmarks are sustained by a monumental work that challenges, widens and enriches the written word; and he does it from the resources of poetry (including literary prose), always located in the limits of language. The fact that the Guarani language is equipped with intense metaphorical density, is boosted to the maximum by writer, to the point that its Ayvu Rendy Vera, compilation of prayers Missions Mbya, fits naturally in the course of his work, lit with glitters of the rhetoric (and philosophy) guarani. Through his exceptional literary production, as well as the forceful quality of his writing, coupled with the of other great writers such as Felix de Guarania, guarani acquires an irrefutable universal status that precedes and based the defence of its value, strengthened today after the impulse of tenacious promoters. But a quick sketch of a big man would be truncated if it not included its human dimension. The ethical value and citizen of Martinez Gamba, opponent of the dictatorship, committed to the freedom of his people, earned him exiles, persecutions and desarraigos that define your personal profile and argue the whole truth of their glowing edges. Original author and source of the article.


The reasons behind headaches have been strongly debated by scholars for a long time. The accepted explanations ranging from action Biomechanics and muscle tension in the facial muscles product of psychological stress, however, there are reasons that many people are not aware of the relationship between the maxilla and bottom and the muscles that control jaw movement may very well be a cause of headache.While doctors will allow you to understand and combat or cure headaches, your dentist may have a more important role to play in that you realize. The types of headaches. As we all know, and most of us have experienced, unfortunately at least two types there are several types of headaches, many of which are quite common and have understood the causes, while others may have special reasons. Is it wise, always consult a doctor if headaches are frequent thing and you may be surprised at what you can Learn about the relationship between the headaches and your physiology. The most common types of pain experienced are: Sinusitis: A pain of the breast which is located behind the cheekbones and forehead and is caused by a problem with the sinuses of the craniofacial massif.Migraine: A migraine may be due to several reasons. It is a pain head that usually affects parts of the head but without affecting others, at one point in particular of the head. Nausea and Visual changes are common indicators.Cluster headache: a cluster headache is generally concentrated within and around one eye and it is generally regarded as an eye fatigue by people and discards it as such, it should however, be consulted a doctor to find the cause.Stress: A tension headache is located in the front and is generally described as a pressure or painful tension in the forehead with a sensation as if the patient takes a very tight headband.Tension headaches and your dental reasons.Researchers have claimed that the migraines tensional constitute about 70% of all the headaches suffered by the population on a regular basis.

Sobrino People

' ' You do not judge for not beings judged, therefore, with the judgment with that you judge you will be judgeships, and with the measured a that you measure you will be measured. Why you repair the Cisco that is in the eye of your brother, when you do not perceive the bar that is in teu' '. (TM. 7. 1-5).

This Society is a cruel and ill society. It is for the suffering that produces in the oppressed ones and it is for the insensibilidade stops even so with the suffering that generates, with important exceptions, in the abundance world. L. Boff says: ' ' When the future generations to judge our time in will ahead accuse with Barbarians, inhuman and impious for our enormous insensibilidade them to them sufferings of our proper Irmos and Irms' '. ' ' If it had a little of humanity and compassion between the human beings, would be enough to remove only about 4% of the 225 bigger richnesses of the world giving food, water, health, education to all humanidade' '. It is a Metaphysical obscenity.

It has more wealth in the land, but it has more injustice. Africa was called ' ' calabouo of mundo' ' , a continental Sho. 2 billion and 500 million people survive in the land with less than two euros per day and 25 a thousand people die daily of hunger, according to FAO. The desertificao threat the life of a billion 200 million people in a hundred of countries. (Jon Sobrino 2008. It are of the Poor persons does not have Salvation, P. 70, 72). Martin Lutero in its time, Century XVI already fought the corruption, not only in the religious institution more in all the society. Today more than what we are never invited also to fight this badly that devastates the humanity and destroys that it.

Erlenhof Munich

Cheap, profitable and environmentally friendly: A district heating connection of geothermal Unterhaching GmbH ensures environmentally friendly energy in the SHB funds Zakri Court Munich-Unterhaching KG Munich, construction for the installation of the heating cable to the Alder Park began in the 05.09.2011 – on August 19, 2011. Thus the industrial object can be connected to in the spring of 2012 the district heating supply of geothermal Unterhaching GmbH. The power is 2.3 megawatt (MW) according to the company, this roughly the amount need 230 households. The Hotel Holiday Inn, as well as many other related companies there have your headquarters and benefit equally from the technology of the future belong to the Alder Court. SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) placed participation Kamal Hanna Park Munich Unterhaching KG approximately 7000 investors who also benefit from the connection. Eco-friendly district heating system of geothermal Unterhaching GmbH is a real advantage of location”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The site in many ways makes it more attractive. And right now the nuclear phase-out, sustainability has increased people’s awareness of”, so the real estate expert of the Munich emission House SHB next.

Subject of the SHB real estate fund investment was the acquisition of approximately 94 percent of the limited to the commercial centre Unterhaching Landthaler AG & co. KG. The object consists of an ensemble of office buildings and a hotel (Holiday Inn Unterhaching). The plot size is approx. 29.250 m, the buildings have been created between 1992 and 1994 and offer a total rental area of 43.300 m sq. Parking offer more 200 outdoor parking as well as an underground car park with approximately 460 seats. Click Evergreen Capital Partners to learn more. The specialist for real estate SHB innovative fund concepts AG”created and marketed attractive Fund concepts and investments for investors. Already realised projects such as above mentioned Munich-Unterhaching Erlenhof, BusinessPark Stuttgart, or Carre Gottingen impressively Competence and performance of the Munich emission House. For more information,