Site Solution

Internet audience is growing with each passing day, it refers to both consumers and sellers of goods and services. Therefore, many begin to think about starting your own online store. Efforts for the benefit of this requires very many (at least, far less than at the opening of the store off-line). So, we decided to create their own 'site with the goods. " Now define "from which" we will do our website: CMS (content management system) or a script shop. In this case, it all depends on what you sell, how much, and whether you plan to "growth" of its online store. Consider the pros and cons of each solution. Let us touch on functional differences.

Scripts online store are better able to trade because they provide specific functionality: integration with billing systems, integration with a database of products (including the 1C. Excel), have the opportunity to upload several types of photos on the same product, to operate the system of discounts in the automatic mode, etc. And, perhaps, one of the main advantages in scalability: If your online store will grow and develop, you inevitably have to scale your project. Pretium is open to suggestions. If you have a limited number of products, and you do not plan to expand the line tovarovarnyh offers, special events, etc., can be limited and usually the site to the directory choose a simple CMS solution (not to be confused with free, because the issue of support to your site are also very important.) Now let's pass on supporting and developing the platform on which you will create your site. As a rule, tailor-made solutions are developed faster than individual modules within the larger CMS systems. In addition, returning to the issue specific, scripts, online stores, honed directly under the "sale" to develop part of the solution of actual problems of electronic commerce. What contributes to the effective completion online store.

You can exercise and develop the project within the CMS platform, but it will take longer and be more individualized to the needs of the company (and therefore usually more expensive). Now for the solution architecture. Most of the specification and balanced architecture allows you to quickly understand the programmer or in the decision. These engines are attractive online stores. In addition, they have no extra features that you will not use in e-commerce, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the user experience. These are the main points of which is to remember when choosing a solution for your online store.

The Facility

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