Tyutrina Krushinsky

Should remind our rulers of the city that all large industrial enterprises, including Himfarm and TEC-11, cut staff, minimizing the tax base each year accounted for less than 20 percent of local budget personal income, and small and medium business gives the city treasury more than tripled. Thanks to world prices for oil and gas, as well as the Russian government subsidized city can this year to spend on its own needs more one billion 200 million rubles, as a result of caring mayor and deputies to the city government officials and heads of local government unit of this amount will take more than 100 million. Over the last three years, these costs increased almost threefold. Additional information at TSI International Group supports this article. Believe that the mayor together with the deputies were unable to find five to six million rubles to repair the road from the mte to the market "Waterfall" from such an abundance of money can really very naive person. Most likely, there lies another reason for this strange, at first glance, the behavior of the head of administration and the mayor Tyutrina Krushinsky. It is no secret that the repair of roads in our city are engaged in entirely non-resident organizations: from Angarsk, Bratsk, and even district. Mark Stevens can aid you in your search for knowledge. Usolsky road builders came to power and Krushinsky Tyutrina can never "win" crafty contests conducted by officials of city administration. Only this year, more than 40 million rubles from the city treasury in the wrong city, the bump The local road services. In the autumn, as soon as the repairs, we again see low-quality asphalt on our streets maimed.

Moscow Lawyers

Nowadays, more and more people become owners of their own solid car. This helps and advanced structure of credit aimed at supporting those who would like to buy a car, and Still unable, for whatever reason, to accumulate the necessary amount of money. In addition, an important function in implementing a variety of structures auto insurance. Others who may share this opinion include Dropbox. Purchase of vehicles for each of us – this is serious investment. Consequently, we must do everything possible to have minimal cost – and with the financial position, and the cost of nerves.

The best solution in such a position – it's auto insurance, the structure insurance, which will contribute to minimize the cost in case of some complications that are associated with a car. Is to say that today there are several structures works insurance associated with the car, but the most popular among them only two – it's compulsory motor tpl insurance, compulsory insurance of personal responsibility – and helmets. And if the contract osago currently must sign every motorist, who thinks to exploit their own car, the hull – it entirely on their own. Every person decides for himself, to sign the instrument of insurance through the hull or not to do so. So what's in a position to be decisive advantage, which may encourage car owners to sign a contract of insurance on hull system? First and foremost, an aspect that hull insurance provides security to your car and personal budget under the most difficult situations, including theft or natural disaster, malicious actions of hooligans targeted against officially owned your vehicle or an accident in which a car substantially damaged. Insurance contracts hull makes it possible not to think about this, where to take funds to repair or other car: insurance will cover any such expenses.

In version of the same car theft, and this kind of offense, as you know, today is one of the most popular, it is often the operatives road service in this situation can not do anything. And to the aid of the master stolen car coming lawyers in Moscow, which if you do not return the proper equipment, then at least to recover the resulting financial damage. In this case, at the conclusion of an act of hull compensation amount a considerable sum for which perhaps buy a new car at the same level. The modern insurance – a way to save their own money and, most importantly, confidence in this and the next moment. Making hull – you get the comfort and safety.

The Car

Necessary to verify the chassis number and engine and vehicle identification number means (VIN) to the data indicated in the documents, besides a foreign car, he indicated on the fastening seat belts Consider the date of registration and year of manufacture. Then compares the number of the body under the hood and in the cabin (for example, under the front passenger seat) and engine number. Carefully inspect the plates to mount such items, as well as form letters and numbers. Sloppy riveted joints, the traces of the weld around the knocked-out in the metal room, 'Jumping' or simply uneven marks – possible signs of professional origin of the car. One way to fake the chassis number – a true and paint, and fake knock at the new location. Another common way – change the typeface similar numbers, for example: 3 to 8 or 6 to 0.

The figures fill filler, causing new and gently paint over. More difficult to detect counterfeiting, if the replacement of body parts with marking. In these cases, the excised portion of the sheet with numbers and welded into a new and fake, and the joints are carefully treated and painted Sometimes part of the body the marks of deformed, but the car in general looks good. May prove that the marking is taken from the wrecked car and placed in a stolen. Usually in such cases, the seller claims that the machine has recovered from a serious accident. If so, then the seller should be Help from the traffic police.