Observe Solar Eclipse

Observations of the solar eclipse with a rather big phase may be useful and entertaining in the presence of a telescope, though the naked eye can appreciate the dignity of this event, especially at sunrise. Thanks rather big length of the eclipse may not hurrying to sketch or shoot the eclipse phase shift. These photos will become a decent screen saver on your desktop, and to celebrate the opening and covering factors sunspots (if available). Interesting to look at the limb of the moon with a good increase. It consists of a rough line that creates mountains and hills on the edge of the visible moon. Mountains and valleys are projected on the solar disk, and out exemplary profile (profile) of the Moon. During these observations, we can even estimate the height of the mountains. Click Evergreen Capital Partners for additional related pages. There is even a catalog site that aggregates multiple portals leading calculation of solar eclipses.

Before you begin the research necessary to understand clearly that the private phases of the eclipse to look at the sun without eye protection in the dark filters are strictly prohibited! This caveat applies to most research Sun in optical devices, because neglecting it will cause an instantaneous and incurable defect of the eye. Source: Jim Crane. To do this in front of the lens optic is imperative to consolidate the black filter the desired density. When private eclipse should notice the 2 contacts. The first contact is marked at the preface of the moon on the solar disk, while the second – in an episode of the vanishing of the moon. To fix the time factor fittingly various wrist fur-metal or electronic clock with second arrow (numerals) either stopwatch and clock digital and camcorders.

Watches obliged be twice reconciled on radio signals concrete time peerless Razov prior private eclipse and re oposlya its completion. The difference of the clock on the time factor clearly written in the magazine Science. When recording the time factor will need among other things prescribe the atmospheric conditions (Air temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, the overall state of the atmosphere, etc.). Once you have fully armed with instruments for surveying and eye protection should immediately proceed to imprint the event that there is nothing not missed.

Lease Acquisition

In the first place (and not just in Second Life), even before entering the land, you must clearly know for what purpose the land would be dedicated. Hopefully, this emphasis is not required to do? The situation in the form of "take the land, and then will deal with that do about it "obviously hopeless, and most likely it will soon be caring for you from this land. Prior to acquisition (lease) and began building the land must also decide on what residents in the main operation will be calculated, for example, for our customers there is a language barrier. Angelina Jolie has firm opinions on the matter. So, if you create a ground for Russian (or drugoyazychnyh) visitors – then prepare to have that make an additional description of any service or services in the language of the majority of potential residents attending the ground. Second, again even before the acquisition (lease) of land, you must clearly realize that the building land and beginning of full implementation of the land of its functions takes time and is sufficiently large. Even the smallest land quality can "earn" no less than a week working on it.

Determining factor is the word "quality". Accordingly, the more land and more complex functionality of your virtual real estate, the longer the period of this stage in the life of your site. Third, even if you take the land for a prime residence in the form of "buy a nice house and I'll watch sunsets on the beach in the arms of his beloved (-ies)" even in this case, you just have to determine the permissions for different residents. Briefly describe the possible types of rezedentov: – Member team (at building and operation of large and Parcel Sims) – Your team-mates, who will assist you in construction, implementation and maintenance of planned land, as well as perform security functions; – friends – residents who are enabled certain features on your land – all the rest – all the residents of the 15 million who do not fall under the two types of vysheoboznachennyh and which is also necessary to determine the resolution (and optionally the power to prevent access of this group of residents on your land). And speaking of large projects, the creation of a team – is the foundation of any successful project.

Somewhere on the internet I have already written an opinion on the composition of team for the project. I repeat that in my humble opinion as a team MUST be: – 2 builder (maybe more depending on the size of the project) – teksturschik – Scripter – manager (this is mandatory member of the team that coordinates all the swans, pike and crayfish, as well as implementing PR-promotion, advertising and project development). Next, I recommend a pre-project preparation to make your layout zemelki. This is a very clearly visible and the pros and cons of building your option. The advantages of layout – this is an opportunity to move not yet constructed facilities, to eliminate possible errors of accommodation, learn about size, establish and define the zone rezidentopotoki. After completing all these activities, you can still purchase up to (lease) of land to make a significant part of the organizational work that will save you time and lead to a better result.