English Hydrocarbons

More, is that underlying our purposes of the american way of life, and its English and Parisian precedents?: that their cultural artifacts, insumian hydrocarbons, for its manufacture, operation or repair. The relative availability of hydrocarbons, the first mineral coal and coal gas; then oil and petroleum gas, were able to do that the public in general, soslayara its importance, which was never underestimated by Governments or by large economic interests. The intense growth of the american way of life, involved the consequential increases in the demand for energy resources. Therefore, just began to insinuate, limitations of production or supply of hydrocarbons liquid and gaseous, they began to insinuate substitutes or complements such as hydropower and nuclear power. Over time both sources would begin to be questioned by their potential harmful effects, particularly nuclear.

More encompassing in a single package, ductile by others to the technological additions to the american way of life, it was setting aside either traumatically, or gradually, all culture pre-existing solve the quotidianity of ordinary people. The preceding paragraph, may seem like a truism, but is of relevance to the inescapable begin to live almost without hydrocarbons challenge. In the present development principles, we alluded to the denunciation of a triple energy crisis. ecological and food, documented by the letter of Macchu Pichu, back in 1977. In the days that run when the issue of global climate change, wins the headlines in the mass media and governmental and academic agendas, it is clear that the three dimensions are indesglosables. The intense consumption of hydrocarbons, generates volumes of carbon dioxide, which naturally can not be absorbed. This generates alterations in climate-threatening not only productive schemes, but the possibility of life on the planet.

Thus, without anesthesia. This is not a novelty, because there were many voices pioneers. Some taken the chacota as the hippie movement in the 1960s California, perhaps neutralized by the course of the cold war developing.

The Human Aura

HUMAN AURA by Jose Luis Gimenez since ancient times, man has asked that was because certain corporeal luminescence which could be observed in certain characters of great importance, especially in those considered of divine origin. Thus already in ancient Egypt, we could see how certain figures of goddesses or gods, they were represented with a kind of aura in the upper part of the head, this would be the case of the goddess Sekmek. This quality was keeping with the passage of time, and in all known cultures, we can observe as this phenomenon continues representing the different engravings and paintings, where certain religious and spiritual figures, as Buddha, Muhammad, Moses and especially Jesus, for example, are represented with a brilliant halo of light surrounding the head. But why this phenomenon occurs?, what is the aura? The aura always has been a subject of controversy and debate, that the scholars have not reached to never agree in its composition nor in the source of its origin, that has motivated disparate opinions, although is generally accepted the existence of the phenomenon, which has been the subject of exhaustive studies by the scientific community, in order to find the explanation to the display of a phenomenon that seemed reserved for individuals with the ability of clairvoyance, or religious in mystical trance state personages. The force field energy of the human aura, is produced by the different vibrations and frequencies, as emanating from our body through different energy points or Chakras (in Sanskrit means wheel, and your description corresponds with fumes of energies, aimed at controlling the flow and configuration that the mind-body system needs, being such energy composed of a subtle matter(, which is imperceptible to the human eye not experienced), manifests itself through a range of lighting emanations of a frequency of ultraviolet spectrum, so generally, not It is perceptible to human vision, except those people who manifest themselves possess certain Faculty of clairvoyance and that could relate to a certain type of plasticity of such individuals in the crystalline lens of the eye.