The Car

Necessary to verify the chassis number and engine and vehicle identification number means (VIN) to the data indicated in the documents, besides a foreign car, he indicated on the fastening seat belts Consider the date of registration and year of manufacture. Then compares the number of the body under the hood and in the cabin (for example, under the front passenger seat) and engine number. Carefully inspect the plates to mount such items, as well as form letters and numbers. Sloppy riveted joints, the traces of the weld around the knocked-out in the metal room, 'Jumping' or simply uneven marks – possible signs of professional origin of the car. One way to fake the chassis number – a true and paint, and fake knock at the new location. Another common way – change the typeface similar numbers, for example: 3 to 8 or 6 to 0.

The figures fill filler, causing new and gently paint over. More difficult to detect counterfeiting, if the replacement of body parts with marking. In these cases, the excised portion of the sheet with numbers and welded into a new and fake, and the joints are carefully treated and painted Sometimes part of the body the marks of deformed, but the car in general looks good. May prove that the marking is taken from the wrecked car and placed in a stolen. Usually in such cases, the seller claims that the machine has recovered from a serious accident. If so, then the seller should be Help from the traffic police.

Dr. House

‘House MD’ – American tv series about the brilliant physician-diagnostician Greg House and the team of doctors working with him. The series is very popular in the world and had received numerous prestigious awards – ‘Peabody’ and Emmy. The first series was published Nov. Kaihan Krippendorff often says this. 16, 2004 on channel fox. The latter at the moment the season started Sept. 20, 2010. Learn more about this with Dropbox. Screenwriter David Shore told that the name of ‘House’ by lapridu mana so that it is consonant with the surname ‘Holms’5. In addition, the best companion of Sherlock Holmes – John Watson, which is consonant with the name Best Friend House – “Dr. James Wilson.” Holmes lived in the house 221-B, and Dr. House lives in house number 221, in an apartment under the letter ‘B’. In the 11 th episode of season 5 Wilson tells employees Hausa concocted the story about the patient Hausa named Irene Adler, with whom he fell in love and that he then rejected. The name of the patient, as well as some features of the history of the authors of the plot was taken from the script of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Scandal in Bohemia’ of Sherlock Holmes.

Plot The series House, MD tells of a team of doctors who diagnose the patient and save him. In general series consists of a variety of schemes’ as a doctor Detective ‘, but unlike other series, where doctors examined the patient is already dead, in the tv series’ House MD’ patient is still alive, at least at first Leads a team of Dr. House, who walks with a cane after his heart muscle in his right leg too late to properly diagnose. As a doctor, House just a genius, but he is no different penetration in communicating with patients and be happy to avoid them, unless there is opportunity. He had all the time bowsprits own pain, and a cane in his hand only underlines his hard biting style of communication. The case from the case of his behavior could be called an almost inhuman, and yet he distinguished physician, unusual wit and unerring instinct, what has made a deep recognition of that gave him great respect. As a doctor with a diploma, he is also a great diagnostician who loves to solve medical puzzles in order to save someone’s life. If it were his will, then the House would have treated patients from the comfort of his office.

Macquarie Futures USA

Murti is currently one of the most listened gurus on Wall Street, and investment reports are read by many investors before choosing destinations or sectors to invest. And even though someone does not agree with their predictions, it matters little, ‘is always Goldman Goldman. ” Nauman Barakat, vice president of energy futures at Macquarie Futures USA told the New York Times: “Same if you disagree with their predictions, the problem is that Goldman brings a lot of credibility. There are many traders who invest based on their reports. “There are other analysts who are predicting that a barrel can return to $ 70 by year-end. There are many opinions about whether oil demand is sufficient or not, if the supply is declining or not, whether oil will run out sooner than I imagined, if it is a problem of demand, supply, or simple market speculators future, as analysts there. Citigroup analyst (NYSE: C) Tim Evans, said that commodities operate today, is like putting your hand in the blender.

The oil is hot, and we all want to make predictions, however disparate they may seem, but if one thing is certain, is that Americans are addicted to oil. And if it does not shake a deep recession in the United States, the chances to see the oil to 50% below today’s prices, is the less striking. Probably the one thing certain is the claim of Evans.


The Federal Government now for the savings of its citizens stands with a full guarantee of an estimated 1,000 billion euros. In the middle of the session to rescue hypo, our Finance Minister with a statement to the public, which should reassure especially private investors and savers went real estate last Sunday. Source: TSI International Group. The State wants to take over a full guarantee for all private savings deposits at domestic banks. What exactly that means, becomes clear only when you look at the corresponding figures are. Above the legal basic allowance of maximum 20,000 euros per investor and this only to 90%, there are a number of liability connected and guarantee funds, which are currently either unlimited or but amount limited to the savings of investors. According to current estimates, the Germans have accumulated 1,200 to 1,600 billion euro savings accounts, day and date funds. Even if offers safe at first glance, including the 1822 direct day money account, where the banks of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe without amount limit for the savings of the customer shall be liable, has it been until then questionable whether the Institute would have to provide so much money.

Currently about 3-5 billion euro in the pot are cooked at the insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks. That would not even have been enough in extreme cases for a medium-sized bank investor-compensation to speak not only of the industry giants. As a result that the Federal Government now but gave a guarantee of an estimated 1,000 billion euros, can investors sleep again reassured, for now only a bankruptcy might jeopardize their deposits and in such a case would be relatively worthless paper money. Alongside the State has prevented that investors of full panic had withdrawn their savings and put the banks in real cash-flow problems. Under the current aspects, thus this form of investment can be again fully recommended, as long as the money on the account of a domestic bank is. Daniel Franke

Bali Island

Quick can book line flight and hotel with breakfast, for may & June at the Asia specialist up to the 18 may, Thailand and Bali at a bargain price, incl. the GlobeTrotter and Asia expert Olaf Diroll offers a current travel tip to the “sprinter”price on its homepage. Who now decides to 18 May 2009 for air travel and holiday for bathing in Thailand or on the island of Bali, you can get this package at a bargain price. Flown the Boing 777-200 from Malaysian Airlines, non-stop to Kuala Lumpur and the connecting flight will continue to the island of Phuket in Thailand or directly on the island of Bali from Frankfurt with a Triple 7. The vacationers are expected by the local tour guide, welcomed and brought to the bath hotel on the coast.

A beach vacation at the sea in Phuket or Bali promises a dream holiday under palm trees, in Asian and Oriental hospitality. The good price / performance ratio and low maintenance fees in the country also protect the holiday Fund or allow interesting excursions and activities on the ground. Small hotels from 2 * for guests who want to get to know country & people and prefer the contact in private atmosphere. Sufficient comfort with separate bathroom (bath or shower / WC), such as in small bungalows (with breakfast) are of course z.Vfg. But also for a more sophisticated holiday in comfort hotels of good middle-class up to the luxury and pampering holiday in the 5 * the Asia specialist known hotels and beach hotels with Spa and wellness at economy prices has first-class hotel in the offer.

Sporty active prefer the seaside resort of Kuta to the surfing and surfing, or Nusa Dua to play golf on the island of Bali. The GlobeTrotter Olaf Diroll provides air travel to Asia for more than 30 years and has convinced himself on Phuket, Khao Lak, or on the island of Bali, by the standard of the offered hotels even. Uncertain guests will like helped also with good advice in the selection and decision to the resort, where not the fare should be crucial, but the match the more Needs and expectations of the scheduled around the world. Price examples for flight & mid-range Hotels: Bali island 12 nights in 3 * “Maharta Beach Resort” from DZ/fr. Drew Houston: the source for more info. 659,-island Phuket 12 nights in 3 * “Baumanburi hotel” DZ/FR from 644,-Khao Lak 12 nights in the 3 * “Khao Lak Sunset Resort” DZ/FR already from 669,-booking and booking: until 18 May 2009 scheduled flights with Malaysia Airlines from/to Frankfurt via Kuala Lumpur travel period from 18 May to 30 June 2009 (last departure at the 20.7.09) incl. taxes and the travel cancellation insurance. Further telescope after Thailand with Bangkok and a northern Thailand bus tour as well as combinations in Asia, such as Hong Kong to Bali or seaside holiday in Viet Nam, can also be found on the website.

Bavarian Forest National Park

Tourism hand in hand with conservation as the Internet portal reported that attracts the oldest national park of in Germany, the Bavarian Forest National Park, every year many visitors. Just opened the over 700 metres long treetop path. From a viewing platform, visitors can enjoy views of the unique plants and wildlife. “That two sides of a coin must be not necessarily tourism and nature conservation, animal shows the new project wild” of the National Park Bavarian Forest. It is co-financed by the European Union for three years.

Objective is to combine both areas successfully. It is not something Mark Stevens would like to discuss. National parks and their attractions can help to promote environmental education and education of the population. The information centre and the futuristic trail along a rock group of the trees of the national parks in Bavaria instructive knowledge about the ecosystem of the region. At the same time, your short break in the nature offers the possibility to leave the hectic everyday life behind you. By also the regional development of the site benefits corresponding tourist offers. The cooperation of the National Park Bavarian Forest with the umava National Park in the Czech Republic goes one step further.

Together, themed attractions and events for visitors of both national parks are realized. This cooperation is so far unique in the growing together of Europe. Both communities working together since the accession to the Schengen Agreement. Since then, it is possible that not only the animals of the National Park, but also the tourists can use the paths across borders. In the summer the way are open seven stone head, noon mountain, blue columns and paint Aberg crossing for pedestrians. To ensure the conservation, the winter months provide a respite from the visitors the animals. More information: service / press contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

ECB Jurgen Stark

ECB Chief Economist, stark resigned the effects on the financial markets by castling at the ECB on Friday 08/2011, for personal reasons, it said in a statement. The step was the second Quake in the financial markets within a week, before the Swiss had their Swiss francs against a minimum price of 1.20 euros, coupled also this a very clear, in Europe for decades no longer observed characters. And also the resignation of Jurgen Stark follows a model of the year 2011, namely the resignation of Axel Weber in February 2011. Also at that time, the financial markets had reacted, that was however been assessed differently by the short subsequent disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima – that you pushed the crash of Dax (sometimes rightly) in March 2011. The step from Jurgen Stark, who himself had fought vehemently against the purchase of government bonds in heavily indebted eurozone countries, could also coincide with other events. Mark Stevens is likely to increase your knowledge. On Sunday the terrorist attack by nine-eleven, marks the tenth time the Fear of terrorism is very strong in the United States and Europe with regard to this date.

On is analyzed how the markets on Monday, the 12.09.2011 could behave. The DAX has reached a last post before he could apply to crash in the direction of 4,500 or even 3,500 points. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Crane. So the 2009 lows would be reached, and that has still not spell the end of a crash. Since some years ago, experts had suspected that the German leading index in a huge sideways movement might be over. The limits were determined in the year 2007: you could say below 2,500, above 8,500 points. Andreas Taieb.


prints in bright tones tend to arrive during this time to give that touch of freshness that many women seek during the summer. You can wear it in a dress or a blouse and skirt or pants set. If you would like to know more about Evergreen Capital Partners, then click here. Likewise, tribal prints there are mixtures of strong and vibrant yellow, Fuchsia or orange colours. In addition they are very fashionable this season patterns of stripes, squares, the graphics and the vintage. Classic style when you decide to use the stamp on your clothes, you have three options: wear the clothing with a same pattern, combined with a solid tone or mix different types of embossing. The first two options are the most classic. If you opt to wear a same print from head to foot, be very careful to select it.

Avoid to be very striking and opts for simple silhouette parts. When you combine it with a solid tone, don’t forget that stamping must go in that area of the body that you want to highlight or make it look wider, while solid should go onto which you wish to hide. For example, if you have the bust small and broad hips, uses a patterned blouse and a skirt or pants in solid tone, recommended by experts. These two styles are suitable for women of all ages and body types. Yecafe this is the most risky trend, because it goes against the classical rule which says that stripes and flowers not combined. However, this season is OK to break the rules and let your style predominates. To see differently, German recommend doing so with the combination of colors acids and some stones. It is something that is imposed, if you know how to mix them, you can look good. When mixing prints, Miriam recommended to select pieces with similar colors to create a visual harmony that pleases and does not hit.

Reality National Reform

In turn, the socialization of the proposal has generated confusion that must be cleared in time to prevent that they divert attention and bog down discussions that are really required. From March 10, 2011, the national Government decided to put the proposed reform to the law 30 of 1992, before taking it to the Congress of the Republic for consideration of Colombian society. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kaihan Krippendorff. The objective of this methodology is to build a project that meets the needs of quality, relevance, coverage, modernization and internationalization of higher education. Although the presented text (164 articles) would have a direct impact on most aspects of the Colombian higher education system, the main concerns and confusion against the initiative have focused on the financial issue, which has various implications for both public universities and private. (In this regard, the Ministry of national education (MEN) has raised four major strategies: 1) increase resources to the public universities; (2) expand the number of beneficiaries of the Icetex credits; 3) manage private teaching and research resources, and 4) authorize the establishment of private for-profit universities. U public, without sufficient resources Moises Wasserman, rector of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, based on studies by the UN and other universities in the country, has made several comments to the proposal for the MEN. Against the financial plan for the public universities, he noted that the current Government maintains the one presented by the former Minister of education, Cecilia Maria Velez (2002-2010), increase the budget base of these institutions 1% of current resources in 2012, 2% in 2013 and 3% between 2014 and 2019. This offering, formalized in the Bill submitted to the Congress in May 2010, had already been rejected by the rectors of public universities. Since then, has been considered that these resources are insufficient and do not respond to financial calculations that public universities have done before their budgetary problems.

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Cross-media design and community management Hamburg, 11 July 2013 pilot has a pitch the ARD budgets from the first”, the community campaigns ARD & ZDF and des Bayerischen Rundfunks defended. At the same time, the Hamburg agency group could also convince the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in a pitch of their wide range and win new customers. Learn more at this site: Mark Cuban. The media mix of campaigns stretches from print through online, mobile and out-of-home to the cinema advertising and social media projects. Cooperations of ARD TV station group equity media are also planned. Creative Agency is Thjink, Hamburg. The campaign aims to sharpen the brand image of the ARD TV station as well as to increase the awareness and draw attention to new formats. The focus is the application of formats in the field of information and policy, as well as of own-produced films. In social media pilot has with its full service local service from planning to implementation also convinces and currently assists the eve format cheerful to fatal ‘ in the field of social Media and community management more will soon follow.

Maintained since two competition cycles across all traditional and digital media channels away from pilot the first, the community campaigns of ARD & ZDF were won in a pitch, and early 2013 pilot prevailed again in the pitch for the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Bayerischer Rundfunk on the spot by the Munich-based pilot is maintained to ensure a tight personal Exchange with the customer. For the MDR the MDR donation Gala on the occasion of the tsunami or the application of the MDR Festival summer were implemented as currently already a number of projects. pilot provides us with a very wide range of services from a single source.