Hungarian History

This ended the long struggle of the peoples nevengerskoy ethnicity for self-determination after the signing of the Trianon treaty. This event resulted in a significant reduction in the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary. And after 1918, outside of Hungary is strong enough to reduce the use of the Hungarian language. The first monument to the Hungarian writing dates from about 1200-m year. This was a "eulogy and prayer." At the same time, approximately half of the 16th Century II Hungarian texts written mainly in Latin and German. To this time the German language is the most common of all foreign languages in Hungary. And almost until the middle of last century a large portion of the Hungarian people owned them as a second language. In the 16th to 17th centuries, is the formation of national consciousness of the Hungarian people, the result is the fact that Hungarians are increasingly prefer their native language other languages.

If we consider phonetics of vowels in Hungarian, then it is unique. There are 14 vowels. Diphthongs in the language available, as well as reduced noise. Pronunciation of vowels is more precision than, for example, in Russian. The sound of syllables and more distinct. The Hungarian language has a rather clear and strong articulation. Vowels are short and long.

Also, they are back and the front row. Power accent always falls on the first syllable. Consonants in the Hungarian language are soft, unaspirated explosive and solid. During the 5-9 th centuries AD, a huge impact on the Hungarian language had a Turkic dialect. And since 9 century appear in the language of the Slavic elements vocabulary. After the Hungarians accepted the Christian faith, the official language in which all services performed become Latin. Thus, in the Hungarian reach the Latin terms, and with them, and Greek. And for past two centuries, the language of the Hungarian kingdom actively absorbs borrowing from the Italian language, as well as Gallicisms and Germanism. In the middle of last century in the Hungarian language there russisms, and its end – Drawing from the American and British English. During migration, the ancient Hungarian tribes from the Urals to the territory on which the modern Hungary, they are more or less contact with Turkic, Slavic and Iranian peoples, which has left its imprint in the lexicon of the language. The modern vocabulary of the Hungarian language includes elements of the Finnish-Ugrian (21%), Slavic (20%), German (11%), Turkic (9.5%) Latin-Greek (6%) and Roman (2.5%) vocabulary. On this basis, can be called Hungarian "prefabricated" language.

The Site

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Youth Marketing

40 per cent of the respondents informed on the outcome as flyers and posters. Online, Facebook has by far the greatest influence on the behavior of the nightlife. This is not surprising, since 90 percent of all German Swiss young people on Facebook are registered and more than half has a Smartphone. According to the study, men spend their free time preferably in bars, gyms, or in the ski holiday. Women prefer go to the movies or spend their money for city breaks. Youth Marketing is gaining more and more marketers focus their efforts more narrowly on young people and students. This is due to their high purchasing power on the one hand and on the other hand their direct influence on the other family members. In addition, you know that the most trends of young people are used and then adapted by other demographic groups.

Also, most opt People already at a young age for certain brands and adhere to them then their whole life long. The target group of young people is so lucrative, it is so difficult to win. This is not only the highly fragmented media landscape, but their talent to get pure marketing messages quickly to the bottom and then to oppose it, because they appear to them to werberisch and implausible. The study results allow us to make the communication mix of our customers more efficiently and more targeted and thus to strengthen an entire campaign. In particular, information about the online relevant for young people and offline communication channels are essential indicators for an efficient and effective campaign”, explains Fabio Emch, managing partner of jim & jim. The study provides information on the decision-making behaviour of young people in relation to their socio-demographic, consumer, monetary and psychological characteristics in detail.

The analysis of consumer behaviour of young people in relation to various consumer goods and it provides services to tailored the communication strategy of a company to the respective sectors and their youthful clientele. Jim founded about jim & jim 2011 and Lucerne and Zurich-based & jim AG is the first and Switzerland’s only agency that specializes exclusively on youth and student marketing. “The creative and mobilization Agency develops and implements marketing campaigns, which are not just only young, wild and sexy”, and provide directly measurable effects detectable at the same time young people to mobilize assets. jim & jim is a subsidiary of Jaywalker GmbH, which in turn for several years for all German Swiss manages the range of pupils – and students-Maestro-card STUcard cantonal banks and supports them in the area of youth and student marketing and advises. Through the collaboration with STUcard, jim & jim has access to high-traffic channels of communication, such as the in-house magazine and newsletter, as well as to various social media applications. Among other renowned Brands like Nokia, tally Weijl, Trojka energy, data quest and Burger King at the youth marketing expertise of jim & jim. For more information and pictures Sam Kurath and partner jim jim bruchstrasse 73, 6003 Luzern AG phone: + 41 41 210 88 11 mobile: + 41 76 423 00 03 E-Mail: Daniel Leuenberger Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) stockerstrasse 32, 8002 Zurich phone: + 41 78 807 86 89 E-Mail:

The Car Radio And The MP3 Player

Anyone looking for a car radio, has usually a large selection to shine through, and don’t know what he should buy. Dropbox oftentimes addresses this issue. This article will give some security when purchasing this equipment. The radio of the car there for many years and has been since beginning of the automobile age always evolving. The history of the car radio is as old as that, the equipment options of many models of today are as varied. Car radio with MP3 who meets a device with the simplest functions, which can already get a reasonable radio for very little money here probably, the best choice would be a car radio with MP3. The most important function as VHF or FM radio reception, CD drive, but also the possibility to connect an MP3 player via an aux port.

The standard CD-r, 10 to 20 cents on average. On this CD blank fit depending on the compression rate 100-200 songs or tracks. So you can hear quite a while music drivers without the hassle to change CD, which already during the ride can be quite dangerous. Of course you can with such a MP3 tuner also ordinary original”play CDs. A slightly better alternative is there to connect even the MP3 player to the car radio. Depending on the type of device and brand can be from a few to a few 1000 on the home PC play on 100 titles and play connector easily in the car through the car stereo with aux. Here, it has of course a second important advantage. The good original CDs can save themselves from careless induced scratches. So all holiday trips with a fully packed MP3 player can be without that you title a double pass with only a disk must hear it unless he like one so much. Tilmann Klaenfoth The Springboard Profession To The Own Book

Learn to write now and be author: the springboard to the own book in many minds around this sentence haunts: I could smooth write a book about it. The career of Harry-Potter- mother J. K. Details can be found by clicking Dropbox or emailing the administrator. Rowling (who as a social assistance recipient, began and ended as a millionaire) admire many people; many would even loving like to become an author, writing a book and make money; but few dare adventure quite simply. And if they dare, they fail all too often.

Why actually? Very simply: because most authors without training a book write the ambitious project address. And learn because they never professionally write, diagnosed Horst Mehler, founder of the prestigious Advisory. The former ZDF journalist and award-winning author of 100 (!) Books below are located numerous bestseller helped with his Institute already numerous authors by distance learning course in the saddle. But, Mehler: author and a Write book that requires professionalism. Talent alone is not enough If you want to become a writer, you must learn first write. Ironically, this perspective is in the land of poets and thinkers not popular. In this country but the assumption, author be a calling and it could therefore simply to “write a book, without having to learn the writing only.

Write a book: solid training is the crux of the masons learn initially for three years, as Baker and Secretaries, even newspaper editors. And all people should fall writer as master of the sky? “, asks Mehler rightly. And this much is true: they do not fall from the sky. Out yet all clouds, however, when in the project write a book the first obstacles pile up. Mehler: write and write learn a craft, is that of the Pike to must learn. The best-selling author himself passes the knowledge. With success, as many thank you letters show. These references show: Horst Mehler knows the Royal Road to the own book, learn to write, to the author.

Independent Music Distribution For Independent Musicians

Musicians and fans closer together beatandmusic a Berlin Start-Up that makes available an own shop for online distribution independent musicians, bands, and labels is beatandmusic. The beatandmusic shop allows the autonomous and independent sales of own music. Contracts with third parties of the distribution chain, such as content aggregators (digital distributors) or online shops are stoking more money in to music creators superfluous. The registry up for sale usually only a few minutes. How the music finds its way to the consumer? Musicians use sites such as Facebook and MySpace as marketing platforms.

beatandmusic allows the musicians to extend as a sales channel. The sale takes place there, where there is already contact with the fans. The own artist websites can also be used as a distribution channel. The founders have deliberately ensured that the shop without much computer knowledge can be used. So, you must be no IT specialist to start the distribution.

The principle is relatively simple. Musicians sign up free at beatandmusic, upload your music and add them to their own shop. Now only an automatically generated HTML-code in the desired Web site must be inserted and ready for the sale. On Facebook, you can integrate the shop with just a few clicks. It is now possible to distribute your music (MP3 songs and albums) from the shop. The beatandmusic shop to instrumental sales is how, in the future extended loops, beats, sounds and tones. The beatandmusic-shop can be adjusted colour at the artist’s website, MP3s can be provided (E.g. composer, artist information) with ID3 tags and created their own music. The artist may make changes at any time at beatandmusic. These are then automatically transferred into the shops. The prices of works of music determine the musicians themselves. PayPal is already integrated as a payment system and follow it more payment methods for the customers of the artist. The offer and binding of the shop is free of charge and the artist gets at the end of the month 70% of income paid out beatandmusic was launched in 2008 by the two founders Bastian Menningen and Jacob Sassnick in life. The project was promoted by the FU Berlin and the Berlin of IBB. The official launch of the site was carried out in August 2011 website: Facebook: beatandmusic author: Jacob Sassnick

TOP Tool, Plus Free Videos And Screenshots With

Who wants to earn money in the Internet like, not passes a helpful program, which help him work with screenshots and videos to the desktop. Who wants to earn money in the Internet like, not passes a helpful program, which help him work with screenshots and videos to the desktop. The free program of Jing is such a valuable resource for working on the computer. The screencapture tool able to record not just individual screenshots as images from the desktop, but even entire videos you can create it. Every user of Jing gets 200 MB webspace also by the manufacturer of the program from TechSmith free available. In addition, the user can use also free over a gigabyte per month of data transfer.

The pictures and videos quickly and easily on the Internet an FTP server can be transmitted or images created with Jing and videos can be stored not only on your own computer or laptop, with the image service Flickr. Any snippets of the desktops are simply photographed by Jing. It can be cut with even any actions that run on the desktop as a video. The small Golden Ball of Jing on the desktop can be quickly brought mouse click to life, to a selected image area as a photo or video to receive and store. Hardly a tool work instructions is helpful for a user when it comes to create work instructions, especially for the computer and the Internet. Even the most difficult works can be presented as step-by-step each lay. Then saves the created videos in SWF format. Therefore, the videos in any Internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Google can be played off chrome. For each work operation instructions can be produced easily. For many of the programs available today such as Agency software or CAFM software and tools, a manual created with Jing would be a tremendous help.