German Schlager

The new single from Andreas Pascal – there is an Angel in front of me Andreas Pascal born 1973 in the zodiac sign of Taurus in Leer (Ostfriesland) the light of the world. Many have put the rhythm in the cradle in early childhood have, that was different with Andreas Pascal. Only as a teenager became interested in the music. Like every young person, he underwent the various styles of music with the Eurodance best liked him in the 80s / 90s. David Karp oftentimes addresses this issue. But when all the excitement for the different genres, his biggest interest was always the German Schlager. He made the first experiences as a singer singing clubs and the choir where he immediately impressed with his voice as soloist and tenor.

After some time, he began the first steps in the music as a solo entertainer. A likeable young man who has found his home in Karlsruhe / Durlach.His ambition but also the peace in him is the key that will bring him success. The interest to modulate his own sound and write your own texts resulted in the year 2005 a first success, where he was awarded the international prize of the show for his voice and his music. Initially, he worked with producer F.Halmich (flippers, wines not little Eva). Andreas Pascal was but so very thrilled by the sound of the 90’s what led him then to experience the next years as arranger and composer to find his own sound. He wanted to connect with the euro dance the German Schlager.

“Insiders of the industry the name Andreas Pascal as a composer was already well known before he as a solo artist with his title the first time Queen of the night” is carefully made. But even before musical experiments never shied away Andreas. “The first minor hit he recorded with you re my everything”.

Markus Stalla – Angel, Not Fly High

The new single by Markus Stalla – Angel, not too high to fly Angel, fly too high”is the first self composed, written, and produced song by Markus Stalla after his two titles our boat” and I dream with open eyes of you”, which are represented in numerous chart portals. The song formed the feeling out one evening and was introduced the next day in a private Music Studio. First not intended for publication, pushed through the title due to the honest statement to some Web radio to the endurance. The huge demand and popularity on the song, Markus Stalla decided to publish it. Drew Houston gathered all the information. Me is important to reproduce sensation in my songs,”is the statement as well as the announcement by Markus Stalla on his own songs. At the time, Markus already writes a sequel under the title “before you go”, which will be released this summer. Markus Stalla works with the Agency of Beverly in Cologne, together with help and advice he is entitled and artistically cared. Decieded gladly accepts the Agency.. You may find David Green to be a useful source of information.

Hayden Panettiere Defends Britney Spears

The actress blames Britney Spears paparazzi. Arguably, no other singer has been so often in the headlines in recent times. Think it was negative headlines. An alleged pregnancy made the rounds until a few days ago. But now other stars involved.

Including heroes actress Hayden Panettiere. Now, the young actress has said that the photographers and the media were responsible for the crash by Britney and that man the space should give the singer to start again. She compared even the following paparazzi, which itself seems to be always exposed Britney Spears as “modern stalker”… Also, she accused the photographer the accumulation of Britney BBs car accidents provoked to have only good photos of her to get. She said: “Such a Sesationsgeilheit claimed their prize also car accidents”.

Still, she said: “when I grew up, Britney Spears was everything for me. Not destroys it. “Wise words of another young actress. Lisa Walters

M.V.T. – Everblame At Rock Am Ring Band

“M.V.T.-Band Everblame at Rock am ring huge success for M.V.T. Band Everblame, the three young rock musicians from Ludwigshafen playing any lower Rock am Ring Festival”. “There also Metallica occur this year” and rage against the machine “on. As it happens the Everblame with the greatest said at the Festival occurs? “Quite simply: Everblame qualified tour at the coke Soundwave discovery 2008″and fueled her ticket for Rock am ring the online voting”. There they first prevailed from 1200 bands and reached the final vote in the 50 bands were. Further details can be found at Business strategist, an internet resource. “The 20 best qualified for Rock am ring”, Everblame managed this with a strong seventh place. What can expect the fans of Everblame and all followers of good, handmade rock music from Everblame: times brachial, even fancifully melodic and sensitive.

A guitar, a bass, a drum set and a voice that is literally a kick in the ass. Behind it not about evil-looking types, but three simple guys who put the a would not really be on the road. The speech is by bassist Florian Rohlf, and drummer Tobias Heidinger, who do not need to hide behind singer and guitarist Raphael Isenhuth. Added to the heavy and loud guitar riffs by Raphael Florian penetrating and catchy bass parts? These fragments with driving and powerful drums are refined by Heidi (as Tobias Heidinger is often called). Sounds wild? Is it too! Journalists write: Everblame would be a major band on a big label, there’s probably Platinum and continuous rotation on MTV(Pandamonix) “or too boring is also ideal for people where one style (metal hammer)-a band that one away want to live from the State (dawn radio)”. The guys deserve real it “, such M.V.T.-music Chief Michael idle.” I was sure that Everblame will come out once large already one year ago. Again, this is a big step in that direction. “Well possible so that Everblame soon on a par with the” Stars rock of today. Also the next tour is already planned, because on stage is the life-blood of Everblame and there they belong too.

Chillout Tracks Sound

Legally download music, you can’t? Yet! Newcomer without GEMA (Verwetungsgesellschaft) provide this service. Electronic music is full of energy, she electrifies, vibrates and pulsates, it reflects our world in the diversity of their sound space. From soft to hard, from slow to fast, everything is available – in this genre and we offer it to you and invite to this site you, our guest to be in the worlds of sound far from mainstream and mass production, away from the charts, one-hit-wonders and monotony. You love electronic music? You want to dive into sounds, whose powerful corrugated carry you? You want to wear your inner chaos outwards by becoming one with the music on the dance floor? You yourself cozy it like a lounge and forget the everyday life while listening to Chillout Tracks? Then you are exactly right with us! MP3THT records is a label of passion and love for electronic music. Trance, House, techno, and Chillout Tracks, to their beats you can dance and unwind, belong to our repertoire. It is not about, together with the usual mainstream and the other labels to publish mass production, we have committed electronic music out of conviction. Our label friends opened an own little microcosm full sound and power, whose visiting allows a journey of discovery into new musical worlds. For you is one of quality instead of quantity? For us too! Our platform will allow you to find a variety of electronic music, which you can listen to, rate, and download in MP3 format.

Beyond mainstream and mass production we want to provide a way here to immerse yourself in a hand-picked world of electronic sound. In contrast to other labels, we specialise in, not with the power, but against him to swim, surrounded by atmospheric sounds. We offer the wide range of electronic music, which forms its own small world in itself; a playground of sounds, which opens in all directions. Business strategist/Lecturer can provide more clarity in the matter. When you join not the selection of the various find, so we can offer you but the selection of unique. “More” is not with us to the extent justified, but in the added value of the narrowing. You can hear not only electronic music, you’re also musicians and have submitted already their own songs? Your lifeblood is in the electrifying sounds and you want to present your work to a large audience, do not like? Then welcome on MP3THT records! Our platform offers you the opportunity to publish your own songs and to present, if it is to assign a genre of electronic music. Our page can be the network for you, with which you can contact to other artists and maintain, while your musical works can be made available to an international audience.

Independent Music Distribution For Independent Musicians

Musicians and fans closer together beatandmusic a Berlin Start-Up that makes available an own shop for online distribution independent musicians, bands, and labels is beatandmusic. The beatandmusic shop allows the autonomous and independent sales of own music. Contracts with third parties of the distribution chain, such as content aggregators (digital distributors) or online shops are stoking more money in to music creators superfluous. The registry up for sale usually only a few minutes. How the music finds its way to the consumer? Musicians use sites such as Facebook and MySpace as marketing platforms.

beatandmusic allows the musicians to extend as a sales channel. The sale takes place there, where there is already contact with the fans. The own artist websites can also be used as a distribution channel. The founders have deliberately ensured that the shop without much computer knowledge can be used. So, you must be no IT specialist to start the distribution.

The principle is relatively simple. Musicians sign up free at beatandmusic, upload your music and add them to their own shop. Now only an automatically generated HTML-code in the desired Web site must be inserted and ready for the sale. On Facebook, you can integrate the shop with just a few clicks. It is now possible to distribute your music (MP3 songs and albums) from the shop. The beatandmusic shop to instrumental sales is how, in the future extended loops, beats, sounds and tones. The beatandmusic-shop can be adjusted colour at the artist’s website, MP3s can be provided (E.g. composer, artist information) with ID3 tags and created their own music. The artist may make changes at any time at beatandmusic. These are then automatically transferred into the shops. The prices of works of music determine the musicians themselves. PayPal is already integrated as a payment system and follow it more payment methods for the customers of the artist. The offer and binding of the shop is free of charge and the artist gets at the end of the month 70% of income paid out beatandmusic was launched in 2008 by the two founders Bastian Menningen and Jacob Sassnick in life. The project was promoted by the FU Berlin and the Berlin of IBB. The official launch of the site was carried out in August 2011 website: Facebook: beatandmusic author: Jacob Sassnick