Children and Their Summer Plans

Through the next few days, we do need to spend some time making sure the kids have something to do between camps. One of the day camps was very short-term, and the other one doesn’t start until after the weekend, so we have a few kids on our hands with nothing much to do. It’ll take a little shuffling of both my schedule and my wife’s schedule in order to make sure that somebody is at home for much of the day.

The oldest two kids can definitely help with this, but they have things to do also and so they aren’t always available. My suggestions of tidying their rooms, installing shelving in the garage, or seeing if they need help at the local salt mine, were all greeted with derision. My kids suggestions of spending an incredibly large amount of time staring at the computer and balancing that with an equally large amount of time watching DVDs, didn’t do much for my wife and I either.

I really do envy those families whose children have a wide range of wholesome hobbies and pastimes that everyone can approve of. Gosh, if only one of our kids would spend hours practising the cello or volunteering to help old ladies across the road, they could keep themselves busy the whole summer. Unfortunately, it falls to my wife and I to come up with a plan.

All suggestions gratefully received.