Japanese Manufacturing

Collimator sights Hakko guaranteed shockproof, waterproof gazonapolneny. Tough and reliable coil spring, a member of a specially developed construction sight, can reliably keep the point Aiming even when the sight of large caliber. The main features of red-dot sight hakko bed-5 Special multi-coated lens that increases light transmission to 95% w With this aim Hakko Bed-May SuperB provides a bright and clear image compared to other red-dot sight. so you do not see a significant difference between the target and its image. -27-layered coating of some lenses can completely eliminate distortion of the graticule and doubling-wide field of view, waterproof and weatherproof and sight-Japan Manufacturing Installation sight Thanks to the integrated mounting system, the sight can be installed on almost any weapon equipped with a standard base weaver (including a weapon with a side mount bracket using the transient). Although Collimator pritselne critical to remove the exit pupil, necessary to ensure timely shooting distance between the eye and the eyepiece at least 10 centimeters. The sighting marks an 11-step brightness control marks located in the upper part of the sight. On the side of the sight is 4-stage switch type reticle..