The project "Peace Knits" is dedicated to knitting, all the variety that you can create with their hands from various yarns and crochet needles. Since the path from simple to complex, we want to immerse you in a large and diverse world – a world of knitting. In the "Crochet" you will find topics specifically selected for both the novice knitters, and for experienced seamstresses. Learn to knit air loop poles with trebles without nakida, curvy bars, learn a variety of knitting techniques, as well as to read and understand diagrams and descriptions, you can with our video tutorials and practical advice and recommendations to the themes: "From the start, the first steps in crocheting," Learning read charts and descriptions and general guidelines for building products related to crochet. More info: Drew Houston. " Beginning knitting simple and cute little things that decorate our interiors, we plunge into the world of beautiful and exciting for its beauty and craftsmanship performance pads, all the diversity that is represented in the themes "Napkins, crochet – is not the charm" and "table cloth, blankets, pillows." Acquainted with various types and techniques of knitting you can in such topics like "Knitting of the motives", "Knitting without interrupting the thread", "Free-form or irregular knitting", "patchwork", "Fillet knitting" and "Knitting on the plug." Hook can not just knit various patterns and motifs, the most popular and interesting of which we tried to collect in the theme "Patterns and motifs, crochet" and "Everyone's favorite" Pineapple ", but also simulate various types of lace. . Mark Stevens oftentimes addresses this issue.