Mobile Phone

Many are comments and urban legends that come on the batteries of our mobile phones (cell phones). Once that another we have encountered different opinions that differ on the maintenance of the batteries of these, each by someone other that with his method ensures optimum use and good maintenance for phone (you must leave the download!.) You should avoid that you download at all!). Actually nothing of the sort is absolutely right. The maintenance of each battery depends on the type of battery that uses your mobile. Each model usually indicated and could simply open the lid of the mobile to find out. Once you know the type of your phone’s battery can follow the appropriate instructions to care for maximum battery. Mobile phone battery types are (in chronological order): nickel-cadmium nickel hydride metal ion of lithium maintenance nickel-cadmium batteries: the batteries of nickel-cadmium batteries are older batteries that suffer from the memory effect, produced by a bad battery maintenance which decreases your ability. Operation: If we take a partially charged battery at 50% and plugged it into the charger memory effect makes long-term that 50% battery still had to put it on charge is again futile.

If you charge the battery when this 70% of its charge memory effect would cause the remaining capacity is only 30%. From this we deduce that it is advisable always wait until the battery completely with the use prior to reconnection to the electrical network. Maintenance of nickel-metal hydride batteries: Although most modern that of nickel-cadmium batteries suffer the so-called memory effect, though to a lesser extent, so it is recommended that the battery discharge completely before being recharged again. Maintenance of lithium-ion batteries: are batteries that all modern mobile use. Of small size and very good ability, unlike the first these do not suffer from the memory effect. Which means that you can rest assured when we put to recharge the battery before you download, is even recommended to avoid to be downloaded completely. Other recommendations to take into account:-the battery must have something less than 50% of its cargo before being recharged. Does not suffer the memory effect although it is a good recommendation that can extend life. -It is damaging that you always download completely, but it is good that you download completely at least once a month. -Once this fills and charged, is convenient to unplugging it from the mains. Some models of modern mobile phones can detect the level of load and cut off power supply automatically when the charge level reaches the maximum.