Sobrino People

' ' You do not judge for not beings judged, therefore, with the judgment with that you judge you will be judgeships, and with the measured a that you measure you will be measured. Why you repair the Cisco that is in the eye of your brother, when you do not perceive the bar that is in teu' '. (TM. 7. 1-5).

This Society is a cruel and ill society. It is for the suffering that produces in the oppressed ones and it is for the insensibilidade stops even so with the suffering that generates, with important exceptions, in the abundance world. L. Boff says: ' ' When the future generations to judge our time in will ahead accuse with Barbarians, inhuman and impious for our enormous insensibilidade them to them sufferings of our proper Irmos and Irms' '. ' ' If it had a little of humanity and compassion between the human beings, would be enough to remove only about 4% of the 225 bigger richnesses of the world giving food, water, health, education to all humanidade' '. It is a Metaphysical obscenity.

It has more wealth in the land, but it has more injustice. Africa was called ' ' calabouo of mundo' ' , a continental Sho. 2 billion and 500 million people survive in the land with less than two euros per day and 25 a thousand people die daily of hunger, according to FAO. The desertificao threat the life of a billion 200 million people in a hundred of countries. (Jon Sobrino 2008. It are of the Poor persons does not have Salvation, P. 70, 72). Martin Lutero in its time, Century XVI already fought the corruption, not only in the religious institution more in all the society. Today more than what we are never invited also to fight this badly that devastates the humanity and destroys that it.