We Had a Tough Time Naming Our Kids

I decided that it’s okay to talk about our family but just not to use names. So let me introduce you to my kids; number one, number two, number three, and of course number four.

Our oldest son, number one, just finished high school, while our oldest daughter, number two will be starting high school in the fall. Number three is a fifth grade boy and number four is a girl going into third grade. Now that the summer is here were busily trying to make plans to keep them occupied. The oldest two will be at summer camp for a couple of weeks in August, while the younger two will be at day camps for a good part of the summer.

Number three just finished the little league baseball season and we were very pleased to discover that his coach awarded him a good sportsman medal. (We are choosing to ignore the comment from a friend, who said that the good sportsman medal goes to the kid who got his ass kicked!), I hope he is going to continue playing this summer. He had a really good time playing, and his coaches were great.