Be lawyer is perhaps one of those professions most wanted and dreamed for many children, coincidentally, that arrogance and that know it all, combined with a certain thread of esotericism and even galloping cockiness, it exerts a brutal attraction to young people, who see in this job, very respectable indeed, the qualities that they would like to have in the future. Therefore, not only the children of lawyers become so, but that many other social strata that have so far not imagine had been aimed at reaching being lawyers thing is getting that effect in cultural diversity is something very positive to take into account, and that greatly improves the future of many of these lawyers, who can defend easily their communities, not being always are the most opulent or which have the best defence, but if more basic and elementary problems. Even so, many can be found with the so-called judicial independence that affects everyone equally, and that is undoubtedly another reason to take into account to achieve the effects of us eager to speaking, this is for them, but in a way in which we should re-formular our ways of being and conceiving the world, for this, we will have to work harder and better..