Market Abilities

To all this it is necessary to add and to remember, that in order to develop the managemental work of suitably and managing to exert the basic responsibilities; a manager must own abilities and human techniques as as much conceptual, as well as of behavior, implementation of strategies, action, plans and abilities of evaluation that allows him to make decisions in the situations that they deserve therefore it. Within the field of the Management of Market, speech of technical abilities, when the manager knows the methods and means for the execution specific tasks, this becomes jumbled a specialized knowledge and analytical capacity; for example: to know that sector of the population wishes and to direct the launching of a product or to provide a service, to traverse of the investigation of markets. As far as human abilities reference to the capacity becomes to work in equipment, if he is cooperative, communicative, delegates functions, practitioner, objective for the decision making, where this involving the comradeship or friendship and the skill of not letting is controlled be manipulated by the external elements to the organization, like for example: the economic, political, social situation of the country, taking the social responsibility like important aspect for the development of surroundings in harmony. Also it makes reference to the conceptual ability, that is to say, to the capacity to perceive to the organization like a whole, this allows to act based on the objectives of the same like a totality, that is to say the fulfillment of the vision, mission of the company and not solely based on the goals of the work party; considering the financial situation of the company as far as the indebtedness capacity that this one owns, thus not to fall in lost at the time of elaborating a project of investment in the market..