Anthoni Crown Writes History

Official handover of designer bag to the leather Museum in Offenbach the time of waiting is over. The doors of the German leather Museum in Offenbach are reopened after a year-long renovation. The DLM offers its numerous visitors in the new exhibition spaces. There is also the designer bag is given a honoring place Anthoni Crown. Proudly, the bag was received by the Deputy Director of the Museum, Dr.

Rosita Nenno (Center), on the ILM Offenbach. David Green will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The expert has an eye for refined masterpieces made of tanned skin due to the extensive experience at the leather Museum in Offenbach. The Publisher of the photo book leather lust. Masterpieces of the applied art from the German leather Museum”, aware of the desire of people of to aesthetically crafted leather accessories. She even studied in France and knows about fashion and trends.

The leather Museum in Offenbach has the largest collection of handbags in Europe and is regarded as a meeting place of cultures. Also beyond the German borders, are people of the treasures of Dressed leather. The Museum spans the entire spectrum of European art history of Egyptian Coptic decorated belts and bags to the most exquisite products of craftsmanship at the noble courts and in the bourgeois homes of the 17th to the 19th century. Passing the bag proved that the designer Anthoni Crown can combine tradition and modernity. The picture gallery shows the elegant handbag is available in the colors and sizes. Thank you for the appreciation by the German leather Museum in Offenbach!

Multimedia Center

“Multimedia Center by Hedron now with online video link the multimedia center of Hedron multimedia cow” offers users new enhancements that should offer basic features such as live TV, music and video archive, photos, radio, and Internet, in addition maximum entertainment. With the ease of use of the system at each additional application is essential. One of the latest additions to the Multimedia Center is to link with online video stores. The existing remote control and the familiar user interface of multimedia cow, movies on Internet sites can be accessed and played. When playing online videos, the performance of the Center as well as the operation is crucial to the success of the application. Long load times or even interruptions would make the online offer unattractive. For assistance, try visiting Evergreen Capital Partners. Depending on the online provider of the application entered the login information once in the configuration, and the user is he automatically logged in each time, as soon as the online video application on the surface its media library opens. Learn more about the Hedron Multimedia Center obtain directly interested parties at Hedron.

Hedron also offers a free personal live online presentation that and pages/multimedia cow can be obtained from home /… . Contact: HEDRON B. Domarkas E.k.. Aachtalstrasse 14 78333 Stockach Tel.: + 49 (0) 77 75 93 81 36 fax: + 49 (0) 77 75 93 81 37 email: contact person: Elke Schellinger

Individual Ring Symbolism

Timelessly beautiful and high quality ring unique Berlin. In the 3D-Ringdesigner of Silingo (, you can be personal ring unique design brought online and then order. Thereby, the timeless and high-quality pieces of jewellery wishes after individual symbolism. People can engrave your coat of arms or logo, as well as inscriptions according to their own ideas with a sense of tradition, belonging and pride. Silingo presents a first collection that blends together of three lines and has various elements of their models for the individual look: the classic coat of arms ring, the American class ring and an unconventional young model called simplicity. A Berlin gold and Platinum forged, which is responsible for the production provided the ring models.

A part of the sale proceeds of the moral and material quality rings flows to the project school Angel ( The collection ranges from heavy masculine rings with clear lines of graceful models to light and simple rings. Up to seven fields of engraving can be embellished with individual statement. Silingo is a community of life. The rings are aimed at a wide audience of families and associations, University graduates and companies and are located in the affordable price. Basically we talk to many people”, says managing director Stephan Szasz. Especially those who are of course that a community or idea inherent feel, but also the individuals.

Because everybody has to symbolize something that is important to him.” The choices of customers is confined not only to the engravings. Rather, the design process starts with the choice of the precious metal and leads over precious stones and surfaces and to the ring gauge. The idea for Silingo comes from the United States. Class rings and championship rings are widespread there. The best-known example is the NBA ring. We have looked at the American models and briefly played with the idea to produce it in the States,”explains Szasz business partner Marius Melsheimer. However we decided then clear for taste, quality and sustainability reasons for a German Goldsmith who manufactures for other providers, even in the luxury segment.” And colour engravings can already be produced on request and should be available soon online. Soon, the range in the shop will be expanded through customizable cufflinks and pins.