If you would like to kitchen in your house was as comfortable as possible in all cases of life, then it should provide a blender …! Grind meat or vegetables or something else, beaten and even cocktail crush ice will allow the blender. More features than compact mixer blender and combine – the blender can help solve almost all problems in cooking, he does not need much time to care, takes up little space and helps the owner. Bamix blenders are needed for those who can appreciate the comfort and choose the best offer! What is Switzerland for you? Banks and watches, quality and reliability? The trust, which causes the production of Swiss-made, based on years of experience and high technology. Company ESGE AG (Switzerland Mettlen) for over 50 years experience in home appliances, blenders Bamix, and they confidently hold their positions in countries such as USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Australia and Japan. Proven Swiss quality distinguishes all the components of Blender Bamix: – engines for Bamix blenders are made only in Switzerland, they are designed for long continuous work taking into account any congestion, therefore, safe, consume less power 100 W, save energy, balanced motors electronically, and therefore emit little noise at work, adding comfort at work. – Drive enclosed in a metal tube, expensive and resistant to injury, the presence of couplings can stop the blender, if necessary, almost instantly, precision fit of all components of the transmission Bamix Blender guaranteed to work without a loss.

– There is a cover for haschity cutting part is made of aluminum – a material impervious to corrosion, staining (eg, carrots) and thermal effects, which also does not break easily clean. – Handle Bamix Blender is made from eco-friendly nylon having a high resistance to shock and destruction. – Containers for Blender Bamix made of ductile polycarbonate, which is used even in Microwave ovens. If you have read about Vlad Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – Guarantee of high quality grinding – knives: they are made of stainless steel, sharply honed, not subject to deformation. New technologies and high performance blenders Bamix: power to 800 watts makes it easy to chop ofoschi, chop ice for a cocktail, the presence of adjustment speeds (up to 12 depending on the model) will know the time you spend to get the right consistency of finished product (High speed is used for hard and raw foods – meat, nuts, hard vegetables).

Comfort Blender Bamix guarantee various accessories that are included – different nozzles. They are very easy to change, without requiring special skills or unnecessary actions. Instead, increase flexibility blender, allowing you to grind solid food or even use as a shaker for cocktails. Ease of Bamix blenders and even the ability to use cooking utensils any any depth, because the sink can be Bamix blenders handle. The final advantage of any model of Blender Bamix be easy to maintain: to clean the device, it simply wash under the tap, not necessary to disassemble. 5 minutes – and he is once again ready to go to help the woman. Bamix blenders on the market of household appliances – a great choice of a man who appreciates the quality of life.