The Christmas Of The Telecommunications Industry

Who the large Smartphone – manufacturer, will sell most of it’s time again. Christmas is just around the corner and that the whole world will attempt to pull the money out of the pockets of working people’s time.It is of course clear that all the major manufacturers are busy doing to introduce their newest devices so that you can in time write the newest Smartphone on the wish list.Samsung to Apple and HTC to Motorola, all are and of course want to go as a big winner out of business. In the background, another of can actually talk, and although the company Microsoft with its latest operating system, Windows phone 8 have started at the IFA in Berlin, at the Samsung had presented his ATIV S with Windows operating system, Nokia with their Lumia followed models and Google Motorola with its new RazR models. But the best has taken HTC which will, give out the Windows phone 8 S and 8 X in close collaboration with Microsoft but before that is a riesigeDampfer, because they all can their smartphones only publish after the release of the operating system by Microsoft. In contrast to the operating systems Android and Windows once more Apple with their new iPhone 5 that also has plenty of wishlist is this purpose.They have the clear first factor they catch and breastfeeding as the first great demand for new devices.

Now it is a matter of taste, which of these models it wants to give your loved ones or yourself pays. The others have to wait for Microsoft, because they have not yet released the operating system, at the same time come out with Windows 8 for the PC. These will come out probably until the end of October and the Smartphones as a result then from November available. One of the major manufacturers must catch up first and foremost, HTC. These recorded revenues close to $ 98.8 million compared to the previous year in the first seven months of this year. HTC had to sell back now half of the acquired shares at beats audio and around 1000 points Paint. This downward trend will stop but probably even up to end of the year and despite the marketing of Windows phone 8 X and S. Here, it is expected that the company would make a loss of around 23% additive to the already 45% of the first half year.

The reason for this is mainly of the company’s new product strategy. They reduced their product range 2010 14 published smartphones massively in the year 5 models with multiple variants in 2012. The company is no longer as before quantity by mediocre smartphones but on quality and makes this clear series by publishing the HTC one. But really bad it’s not about the group yet, because they could at least achieve a turnover of 3.04 billion US dollars and $247 million profit at 5.569 employees. Rather the period results arrive back to the values, as they were before the mass production of smartphones. This applies only to stabilize it and with the Windows phone 8 X and 8S a good product on the market to bring.


The best apps in the Android market for newcomers of the Google operating system for smartphones mobile phones and Smartphones with the operating system by Google called Android are enjoying increasing popularity. The Android market (the equivalent of Apple’s app store on the iPhone and iPad) has grown rapidly in the last few months and offers an incredible number of apps. In this article you will presented five apps for Android beginners that are very useful for starting with a Smartphone. It does not explicitly pre-installed apps such as Gmail and Google maps. Dropbox: Dropbox is something like an online hard drive.

A dropbox account is free of charge (if you come out with 2 gigabytes of memory) and you can save not only from the PC data there but also mobile store data there with this Android app or retrieve. Particularly useful for example for important documents on travel (scanned passport…). Twitter for Android: Twitter is one of the biggest trends in social media and the developer of the US startups also have a released official app. The app is perhaps not as feature strong like about TweetDeck or Seesmic, but has by far the most beautiful graphics and is very user friendly. Very much recommended for beginners.

Facebook for Android: the world’s largest network. Of course, this app is mandatory if you use Facebook. Especially sense of Facebook places, doing mobile phone always the current position can tell with GPS. Angry Birds: The game most popular by far in the Android market. After it finally has been ported from the iPhone, you can shoot well on Android with the colorful birds – addictive! Google goggles: Finally an app that has still no tangible benefit, but the future possibilities clearly represents. With Google goggles you can with a mobile phone camera shots and check directly to known patterns. Goggles for example easily detects logos of well-known brands or even all types of lettering and forwards quickly to the respective home page. There are of course many more apps for Android phones that are definitely worth a look. Simply visit the Android market and look around. John Jansen