Argentina Fortunato

I look urgent for the brothers of my grandmother Sebastio Fortunato de Souza nicknamed for fizinho, Nelson Fortunato de Souza, Jose Fortunato de Souza, Olinda Fortunato de Souza, Natalina Fortunato de Souza, Norvalina Fortunato de Souza and Maria Fortunato de Souza. Name of the Father: Manoel Fortunato de Souza Name of the Mother: Filomena Maria of Jesus Ol, I am granddaughter of Argentina Fortunato de Souza. My grandmother was born in 1935 in Lajinha MG Son of Manoel Fortunato de Souza and Filomena Maria of Jesus. For more information see Drew Houston. It lost the mother to the ten years and the father to the twelve, from there then was broken up of the brothers, therefore they had been to live each one in a house of a known person. In 1954 it was married my grandfather, Jose Francisco de Moura, had still liveed a time in Carangola MG keeping a little of contact with the brothers, in meiados of 1958 the 1960, my grandfather came to Round Return RIO DE JANEIRO and unhappyly they had lost contact. Today mine v is with 76 years and its bigger dream is to reencontrar them. Yale Jackson Institute often addresses the matter in his writings. In 2006 I stow in Lajinha to search one 2 I saw of the marriage certificate of it and I got information of that one of its brothers it had come to live in Duke of Caxias RIO DE JANEIRO, but I did not have conditions to look it, because, I cannot even leave that it knows that I am always to the search of them not to give false hopes to it.

I have looked for in the Internet, I entered in contact with some people for telephone of other states, but unhappyly I did not get no result. It does not know to say the age of the brothers to the certainty, but she remembers the name of them that thus they follow: Sebastio Fortunato de Souza nicknamed for fizinho, Nelson Fortunato de Souza, Jose Fortunato de Souza, Olinda Fortunato de Souza, Natalina Fortunato de Souza, Norvalina Fortunato de Souza and Maria Fortunato de Souza. It is clearly that the sisters must have its modified last names if will have been married, but exactly thus still of pra to compare.

Dvd Compact

Recorded in compact disc and Dvd. Launched at the beginning of this year the album of the group catholic, it brings in its layer not plus an art that deals with the religious message of its content, but yes the photo of the components of the group during the event of the writing of the album. With the art of the name of the group superficially. Thus if of also in the most recent work of the group Ahead of the Throne, launched in the end of 2007, the layer of the intitled compact disc ' ' Prince of the Paz' ' also he brings a photo registered during the event of writing of the same, where they appear the components of the group. However ' ' Prince of the Paz' ' he brings in itself a detail notable, who is the figure of a lion for backwards of the heading, according to them would be the representation of the prince of the peace.

According to them the lion would be the representation of ' ' Prince of the Paz' ' that he is Jesus, this comparative degree generated great controversy between the evanglicos. The compact disc still brings messages that according to evanglicos would be ' ' imprprias' ' for diffusion in the churches, leading in account the comparative degree of the Lion and the letters of musics ' ' fortes' ' that according to them they bring messages of war against the Satan, and musics of light melody that transmit messages that deal with the moment lived for the church, or the author Ana Paula Valado. The layer of the compact disc backwards in itself details more avantajados, detached letters more, strategies of colors, and the insertion of the lion as ' ' Prince of paz' ' one will detail similar if it finds in the art of the album of the group Reluz Life, that brings a dove drawn on the name of the group, that stops the catholics symbolizes peace.

The Conscience

That they are ' ' The necessity of information in function of the knowledge is a necessity that results of the desire to know the necessity of information in function of the action is a necessity that result of material necessities demanded for the accomplishment of activities human beings, professionals and pessoais' '. In this direction, each user can have a different necessity and has that to take in account this. The information has an enormous power when it can be assimilated by the citizen. Coast (2009) cites Barreto (2002, P. Frequently Yale Jackson Institute has said that publicly. 1), ' ' the information is qualified as an instrument modifier of the conscience and the society as a whole. Here the information is qualified as an instrument modifier of the conscience of the man and its grupo' '. But, the society is known that the information alone fulfills its mission effectively, when is prepared to receive it. Of this form, it can generate the necessary knowledge that it frees the man of the darknesses of the ignorance.

It is what they affirm, in the text of the Coast (2009), Dantas (2000) and Barreto (2002), when it is perceived and accepted as such, contributing for the development of the individual, in particular way, and the collective one, from the influence of the individual its social group or entorno stops with. Under the boarding of Taylor (1968) one understands that it focuses the information in the necessity or individual problem of indivduos' '. This is seen with importance, therefore it is necessary to question itself on that information an individual wants to find in the information system. That use will make of it? How the system can better be projected to take care of these necessities of information? 3. WHICH THE IMPORTANCE OF THE USERS? The study of users it reflects a boarding that it looks to place the user in the center of the concerns.

Capital Agencies

Thus bringing, a bigger independence of the agent of trips to initiate the process of sales of a tourist package, with offered information way Internet, so that this can define which the focus to be developed for the success of the trip, together with its customer. EXECUTION the intervention proposal was programmed to be applied during the period of two months, in the following way: 1.Levantamento of the agents of trips that more vendem the products of the company in the Capital and Region Metropolitan, and that still they offer some resistance in using the tools on-line that the Operator offers; 2.Agendamento of the visits; 3.Visitao the travel agencies of the Capital and Region Metropolitan and presentation of the web-site; 4. Training recognition of the products that the company vende; 5.Manuteno of the applied training, practised for the commercial sector; 6.Balano of the results of the applied training. FINAL CONSIDERAES With an approach of the agents of trips with the company, through the Internet, can promote an increase in the search of the same one in the measure that the agent of trips goes if feeling safe in the use of the site, looking for the tool as a facilitador of its work, mainly at the moment of the fast quotation with its customer who is seated its front. Aiming at a fast return in the sales processes, increasing in such a way the profitability, beyond going in search of a fidelizao of the travel agencies, strengthening the mark company in the State and conquering space enters the operators preferred for the agents of trips. Through this study, the company will be repassed a proposal of accomplishment of meetings and meeting with its main customers of the Capital and Region Metropolitan, searching a fidelizao of these customers, offering a training with useful tips of better exploitation of the web-site.

This work made in partnership with the agencies of trips will have to improve the commercial relations and in such a way to characterize the work of the agent of trips how much of the attendance in the operator, that together will be able to characterize people and thus to fortify the market of tourist work, making possible the growth and the evolution in the activity in accordance with the necessity of THEORETICAL market REFERENCIAL CHIAVENATO, Idalberto. Administration in the new times. 2. Ed. Rio De Janeiro: Publishing company Campus. 2000. CHIAVENATO, Idalberto.

Human resources. 6. ed. So Paulo: Atlases, 2000. Marin, Aitor. Technology of the Information in the Travel agencies? In search of the Productivity and the Aggregate Value. So Paulo; Aleph, 2004 Petrocchi, Mario and Bona, Andres Travel agencies? Planning and So Paulo Management: Future, 2003. OMT? World-wide organization of the Tourism -, had access in 28 of August of 2010.