The Grand Challenge: Transforming The World

Alexis Fernando Jimenez Jerusalem was swarming with people. The sun burned the faces of passers-by, without asking permission, made their way. The human river came and went. He had no particular direction. the topic at hand. On the sides, in the homes of mud and wood, was crowded with vendors. Offering the wide range of products.

Meals were usually for the trip. Dozens of parishioners return that evening, after the worship service to God, to their respective provinces. The man boarded the carriage. He ignored a cloth merchant who offered him a very good price. a I labored, merely to say as he departed with courtesy. a We ordered those who drove the flashy car of animal traction. He remained a long journey of several days to reach its final destination: Ethiopia, Africa. He served the Queen Candace.

As they walked along the road and slowly the city began to fall ago, opened a roll of the Scriptures. It was the book of Isaiah. Inside was a desire to know more about God than he had heard many wonders. At its heart was beating a desire to find meaning in life. He was so preoccupied, he did not realize the man who came running. He said: a Pero, you know what you read?. a l said, How can I unless someone guides me? And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him … a (Acts 8:29-31). With this simple description begins one of the most exciting passages of the New Testament, which in a simple and practical, learn principles of great importance to further the evangelization of those who do not know the Lord Jesus as their sole and sufficient Savior.